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Mother Kicked Out Of Wedding After Son's Fiance Saw Her Dress

Weddings can cause drama out of the smallest things.

Wedding Drama


While weddings are wonderful affairs, they can also turn perfectly rational people into insane monsters. One soon-to-be mother-in-law posted on the parenting forum Mumsnet about some trouble that she was having with her son's fiancee. She was so upset about the dress that the mother of the groom had chosen that she uninvited her from the wedding.

All This Over A Dress?


Everyone knows not to wear white to a wedding, but the bride couldn't even handle a floral dress that had a cream base. The woman posted the dress online to show people that it really didn't look anything like a wedding dress.



People weighed in on Mumsnet, and many seemed to agree that the bride was being completely unreasonable in her un-invitation. Some even questioned her son's judgement in marrying her at all.

An Overreaction?


Others thought the bride was being a total bridezilla and that she should just wear what she wants to the wedding. What are they going to do, kick her out on the day of the event?

She Could Just Get A New Dress


However, some urged her to be the bigger person, get a new dress, and do what she can to lessen the tension. It may be a silly request, but it is the bride's day.

What do you think? Should she stand her ground or give a little to make peace?