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Monica Lewinsky's Reaction To The Mueller Report Might Be The Best Tweet Of 2019

Lynne Versluys 27 Mar 2019

Comparisons have grown between the Mueller Report and the Starr Report, inspiring Monica Lewinsky to weigh in with the perfect tweet.

The Mueller Report


With the release of AG Barr's summary of the Mueller Report, a document documenting the investigation into President Trump's ties to Russia, people are demanding a transparent look into the full report.

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A Difference In Transparency

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The lack of transparency has drawn comparisons to Kenneth Starr's report of former President Bill Clinton's impeachment investigation in 1998. While Clinton was eventually acquitted by the Senate following an independent investigation, every sordid detail was free game and a major part of the news cycle at the time.

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Monica Lewinsky Weighs In

Monica Lewinsky, who was a major figure in Clinton's impeachment trial following her affair with the president, saw the tweet by USC law professor Orin Kerr speculating how things would have been different, couldn't help but offer her reaction: "if. f*cking. only."

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People Loved Her Response

Lewinsky was dragged through the mud during the Clinton scandal and has had to deal with the residual ridicule for decades.

She has since developed a very well regarded and relatable Twitter presence, and people were living for this hilariously dark response, praising her wit and her grace in the face of adversity.

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An Anti-Bullying Advocate

Since the Clinton scandal, Lewinsky has dedicated her life to being an anti-bullying advocate, most recently appearing on HBO's Last Week Tonight to speak on public shaming.

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Best Tweet Of 2019

While it's only March, Lewinsky may have taken the cake for Best Tweet of 2019. It's going to be hard to beat the relevance and comedic timing of this one.

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