18 Moments Where People Threw Up Their Hands And Said ‘Not My Problem’

Kasia Mikolajczak
woman covering her eyes with her hands
Unsplash | Brooke Cagle

Let me ask you something, are you the kind of person who goes over and beyond your work duties? Come on, be honest! We're all friends here, so I promise I won't judge you. I'd like to say that I am, though.

But that's not always the case with everyone. In fact, some people just do the bare minimum. And those are the people this article is devoted to, haha. Here are some examples of people who tend to slack off.

This Bookstore Display

bookstore display
reddit | Reddit | BlueYoshiFox6

Wow! Check out this interesting bookstore display here. I guess somebody got their sections wrong or did they? I don't know about you, but I don't consider becoming a serial killer a possible hobby choice. But it did crack me up, alright.

This Curious Fix

badly fixed pipe
reddit | Reddit | S***StainedBallSack

Holy, moly. Take a look at this here. Some excellent malicious compliance there. It would have taken an hour to move the pipe, but the tiler got a whole afternoon's pay to do this instead. Brilliant. What do you say?

This Chandelier Hack Job

chandelier hack job
reddit | Reddit | HeartyHemlock

So, check this out. Apparently, this restaurant just reopened after a fire. You would think they would take safety a little bit more seriously, no? But instead, they allowed this chandelier hack job. Wow! Nice going, guys!

This Supermarket Shelf

badly stacked supermarket shelf with Coca Cola bottles
reddit | Reddit | u/Lolmaster29934

If you happen to visit this supermarket, don't expect too much. I mean, if they can't even get their shelves stacked right, that doesn't say much about the rest of the store. Do you hear what I'm saying, lol? This pile is about to avalanche, so I would just get the heck out of there STAT!

This Stern Warning

Funny shoplifting sign
reddit | Reddit | Mickwillie

We all know that shoplifting doesn't pay off. You can get in some big trouble if you do so. But I never thought this would be the kind of punishment one might expect, haha. I guess somebody didn't proofread their work. It did, however, make me laugh out loud.

This Confusing Stop Sign

confusing word jumble stop sign
reddit | Reddit | u/EmotionalBrontosaur

Um, say what? What the heck is this "Stop" sign trying to say here? If this isn't the perfect example of things getting lost in translation, I don't know what is, haha. Let's go back to the drawing board on that one.

This Lazy Paint Job

wall paint done around a plant
reddit | Reddit | hellivvy

Here's the thing, some painters are so lazy that they insist on getting paid for just one thing. I guess moving the plant wasn't part of their job description, so they just left it there. My friend, who's a good painter, would have something to say about this, hehe. This lazy bum is giving him a bad name, that's for sure.

This Easily Accessible Fire Extinguisher

badly accessible fire extingisher
reddit | Reddit | u/Loser_Zero

Um, okay. What am I looking at here? Correct me if I'm wrong, but the whole idea of placing a fire extinguisher is for people to be able to access it in case of an emergency, no? Well, whoever did this, totally failed at their job.

This Road Marking

badly painted road
reddit | Reddit | lekshmikutty

Whoa! Check this out. Would it kill them to remove whatever was obstructing this road before they painted the markings, huh? I guess so, lol. Let's just do this quickly and call it a day. That sounds about right.

This Refill Hack Job

hand sanitizer refill strapped to a dispenser by masking tape
reddit | Reddit | u/uphigh_studio

How much time would it take to refill this hand sanitizer dispenser? I don't know — maybe 2 minutes at the most? But it's definitely a lot faster to pull out that masking tape and affix it that way. Gotcha!

This Outlet Placement

badly installed outlet underneath a sink
reddit | Reddit | u/TrickyNymph

So your boss tells you to make sure you install an outlet in this public washroom. Okay, fine — got it. However, he should have been more specific about the location of such an outlet because I don't think this is what he had in mind. Good luck using that.

This Sidewalk Paving Job

badly painted sidewalk
reddit | Reddit | Himeko21

If you ever wondered where the $407K goes that the city collects from your taxes, here's a good example. You would think that for this amount of money, they could hire somebody who can do a better job than that, huh?

These Useful Staircases

useless staircases installed on a building
reddit | Reddit | jacobooooo

Um, what am I looking at here? Why are there staircases on this building totally off? I'm so baffled by this, lol. I guess whoever installed these was just a little bit confused about their placement.

This Radiator Install

radiator pipe bent during bad install
reddit | Reddit | Jimbot80

If you're wondering why you're always cold in your house, this could be the culprit, haha. I don't think you're supposed to bend the radiator pipe like this. Am I right? It pretty much defeats the purpose, no?

This Motivational Sign

confusing motivational sign
reddit | Reddit | u/MBTrey5

I'm guessing somebody encountered this sign on their way to a gym, huh? It makes sense they would want to motivate you before you work out. However, this one makes zero sense at all, and instead, it would irritate the heck out of me, haha.

This Giant Mishap

shower screen installed around a toilet
reddit | Reddit | notjustthemenyo

It never ceases to amaze me how much miscommunication there is in home renovation. So when mistakes like this happen, I can't help and laugh about them. I'm sure the homeowner wasn't as amused by it, though.

This Accurate Translation

picture of Boris Johnson with bad translation
reddit | Reddit | Bozzo2526

OMG! I don't think I've laughed harder in my life. Somebody made such a gaffe and named Boris Johnson, the former U.K. Prime Minister, a spokesperson for the Taliban, lol. I can't stop laughing at that. And they actually put this on air? Haha!

This Dumbfounded Warning

funny outdoor sign
reddit | Reddit | [deleted]

Um, what? Honestly, if I saw this sign in person, I would be scratching my head now, haha. Why did they even bother putting that up? As if somebody could actually predict when and where they have an emergency. That makes sense, no?

I can't get over these, haha.

a woman saying "Thats not my job."
Giphy | Rosanna Pansino

While certain people take their jobs seriously, there seems to be an equal amount of slackers out there, hehe. Am I right? So which one are you? Don't worry — I won't tell your boss. I promise, okay? Well, if anything, I hope these made you laugh. After all, laughter is the best medicine so take that with you today.