A Mom Tells Her Anti-Vaxxer Friend That She Cannot Visit With Her Unvaccinated Child

This mother valued the safety of her children over her friendship.

A Mother's Question


In a recent Reddit post, one mom was forced to take a stand against an anti-vaxxer friend. By banning her friend from bringing her unvaccinated toddler around her own vaccinated child, a serious rift formed in the friendship. However, she was beginning to wonder if she was "the assh*le."

Reddit Was Quick To Prove Her Right

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Her fears were surely assuaged after posting about her issue on Reddit, because the response was pretty unanimous: the safety of her child is the most important thing, so she is not "the assh*le."

"NTA. Vaccines aren't always 100% effective. Some times you can still get sick."

Stand Your Ground

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People encouraged the mom to not waiver, because an unvaccinated person is still a risk even if your own kid is vaccinated.

"My brother was fully vaccinated. He still caught whooping cough as a child. It was awful.

Stand your ground. Your toddler isn’t fully protected yet even if they’re up to date on their vaccines - MMR, chicken pox, and DTaP all need another dose between 4 and 6 years. Plus, it’s flu season, and speaking as somebody who got vaccinated and vaccinated her toddler and still managed to catch influenza from said toddler, you don’t want to risk it."

Making Hasty Decisions

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Other people pointed out that her friend made the decision to book the ticket before the issue was resolved. She isn't responsible for her friend's financial decisions.

"NTA. especially since it sounds like your friend just got the ticket without running it by you first. i wont even go into how much she is the assh*le for being anti vaccine."

Vaccinations Aren't 100% Effective

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Responders also brought up the importance of being vaccinated because viruses often mutate, leaving people exposed.

"NTA. Viruses mutate, which is why vaccinations are never 100 percent effective. And the more people don't vaccinate, the more boost there are for the virus to mutate in, making the vaccinations of those of us who have them less effective. Keep your child safe. And see if you can make your friend understand science...though odds are slim."

A Learning Moment

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Hopefully the angry anti-vaxxer mom could learn from this situation. She probably cares about her kids, she just isn't fully thinking it through.

"NTA. I am sure your best friend has great qualities but shes a moron. Antivax moms/dads deserve these moments. Your kid comes first."