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Mom Mistakenly Buys Cards Against Disney Thinking It Will Be 'Innocent'

mason.zimmer 17 Jun 2019

Although I worked very hard while I was in college, I could sometimes persuaded away from my studies to a party or two. And those parties were the perfect environment for a particular type of game.

Although I wouldn't trade any of the nights I spent drunkenly screaming "speed boost" at my friends when we played Mario Kart together for the world, only one game could unlock the darkest parts of my sense of humor when we decided to get rowdy.

And unfortunately for one mom, that game doesn't always come in packaging that lets you know what you're in for from the get-go.

Cards Against Humanity is the Millennial induction into adulthood.

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"Unlike most of the party games you've played before, Cards Against Humanity is as despicable and awkward as you and your friends," the product website reads.

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Questions are answered from black cards and answers are used from the white cards.

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But as anyone who has played the game knows, these answers are the crudest and most obscene that they could possibly be.

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Seriously. It's no game for the faint of heart.

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Cards Against Humanity has the ability to reveal the true morals of you and your friend in an instant, and the truths that come to the surface usually aren't pretty.

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For the uninitiated, a Disney version seems like it would be perfectly fun for the whole family.

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It's also entirely possible for someone to give a run-down of the rules that doesn't change that opinion either.

After all, it's just about judging which of your friends laid down the funniest answer card to a particular prompt.

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And so, it's not difficult to understand why Debbie Fanning of North East England would buy this for her family.

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Yet, as her daughter, Amy, posted on Twitter, she soon learned that this game had more to offer than she bargained for.

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And so, it's easy to imagine her shock when she discovered these were the cards she was supposed to play.

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Rest assured that we can definitely describe the terms used to characterize Tinkerbell's attitude as "less-than-flattering."

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Indeed, those in the know will quickly realize that Fanning had stumbled upon a Disney-themed version of Cards Against Humanity.

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Described by its makers as the party game for horrible people, the game gives players the tools to answer these question cards in the most offensive ways possible.

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If it seems odd that Cards Against Disney would pick on Tinkerbell so harshly, you might want to watch Peter Pan again.

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It's easy to forget that Tink tried to get the Lost Boys to murder Wendy Darling by convincing them that she was a "terrible Wendy bird," but it happened.

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I'll admit it also took me a second to remember what "dope turtles" they were talking about, but it's a pretty accurate description.

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After all, are we supposed to believe that Crush and his turtle buddies' eyes were half-lidded for any other reason?

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Of course, there are more than enough rude insinuations about Disney characters to go around in this game.

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One card, for instance, seems to suggest that Dumbo's run-in with the pink elephants not only didn't dissuade him from drinking again, but compelled him to graduate to the harder stuff.

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I may be compelled to go back and re-watch some old Disney favorites.

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Partially for the nostalgia, and partially to search for some of these crude references and go "how on earth did my parents let me watch this?"

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Although Amy said her mom was initially confused by the game, she ended up finding it pretty funny.

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As Amy told Ladbible, "We've played it quite a few times now it has became a family favorite of ours!"

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"However I would definitely recommend playing it once you've had a drink."

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Makes sense, considering either your offering up whatever innocence you have left to the Cards Against Humanity gods.

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Will you be picking up the game?


Let's be honest— we didn't have much childhood nativity left anyway.

h/t: Ladbible

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