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Mom's Humorous Solution To Potty Training Her Daughter Earns Some Fun Praise From The Internet

Trying to get your kids to use the potty is one of those benchmark moments that come with being a parent. There's the first steps, the first tooth, first words, first stolen car, and then there's the first trip to the potty.

Usually, it starts with a training pot, then it moves to the main event with some additions to the adult toilet. This one shows a mother going the extra mile during those early moments.


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To ensure this little girl goes into the pot, this mother has placed pads all over the floor of her little living room/potty zone. There's a TV, toys, training pot, and a slew of absorbent pads all over.

The Struggle

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It's truly the struggle of getting your kid to use the potty, so we can all understand this, but it seems a bit much at the same time. This is the type of stuff you do when you're potty training a dog or cat. Put down the newspaper. Hope the dog doesn't make a mess. Repeat.

Go All Out And Get Puppy Pads

Since this mom is acting like she's potty-training a dog, why not actually use potty-training tools for pets? It's not an insult; this Twitter user says certain "puppy pads" smell better and are cheaper than the kid ones.

"Note: Use Puppy Pads, they are lavender scented and cheaper than the human kind. 30 for $13 vs $16 for 20," Lucyfurr wrote.

The Potty Zone

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Still, this is great. It's a nice comfort zone for the child and it makes you wish you got the same treatment growing up. Turning the bathroom into a chore can ruin it for some people, but this is like a welcome gesture into the wonderful world of the bathroom.

Really get some thinking done.

It Seems To Be Working?

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A later photo seems to indicate that it is working, though. The toilet is still in the living room, but she might be able to actually get it in the pot.

All Covered

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Many people commented throughout the post, asking for more details and even pointing out that she missed a few spots.

She posted an update letting everybody know that she fixed the issue, putting some more coverage on the couch. You really can't trust a stream to do what you want it to do.

Weird Art Installation

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Some of the comments pointed out that the set up looked like an art installation, something you might come across in a human zoo. There's the child, in its element, learning how to use the toilet.

Watch as she ignores the receptacle and drops her waste in the corner.

Supposed To Go In The Potty

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Others joked that Shona had everything topsy turvy and that you're supposed to make sure the waste goes in the toilet and not all over the home.

But hey, better safe than sorry.

Stock Up On Those Wipes

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If this mom wants to really, really be sure that she doesn't have to clean up a pee-pee or poo-poo accident, then she needs to cover every single floor in the house, including the stairs. Drips and streaks can happen anywhere; it's just a fact.

Caged Heat

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And to those who were questioning how she was able to ensure that her daughter would choose to use the toilet and not an uncovered spot, Shona shared the above image showing she had her daughter penned in. The perfect plan.

Potty Can Be Scary

In the end, it can be a scary thing to take on the potty and learn how to use it as a kid. Having a parent that puts this kind of care into it is special and it's going to make it easier in the long run.

As you can see in her photos, her method is working.

Gumming Things Up

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There are so many methods to get your child to use the potty; it takes a lot of trial and error to find out what will work with your child. For example, have you tried the gumball routine yet? Every time they go number 1 they get one gumball; every time they go number 2 -- guess what? They get TWO gumballs.

Teaching Independence

Another great thing about the gumball routine is that the child could actually put in the coin to get the gumball, reinforcing the potty-reward system.

Diapers Are So Last Year

And there are plenty of potty DVDs to choose from. This household swears by Sesame Street's "Elmo's Potty Time." Good old Elmo learns that it's way better to use the potty than to be stuck at a special event like a birthday party and having to wear a big clunky diaper. Eww.


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This one comes from back in November, but this is a fun little side point to the potty training and mom talk. Even if you aren't teaching your kids dirty words, they might still end up with a potty mouth.

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