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A Mom Wrestled A Cougar Away From Her Son After It Attacked Him

Clark Sparky 4 Apr 2019

One young boy is extremely lucky to have such a brave mom.

He Was Playing Outside


Zach Bromley, a 7-year-old boy, had gone in the yard outside his British Columbia home to play. His mom, Chelsea, went to check on him after hearing some loud noises and was horrified at what she found.

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Pinned By A Cougar

Unsplash | David Clode

Zach was pinned to the ground by a cougar and its jaws were clamped down on the boy's arm. Without giving it a second thought, Chelsea sprang into action and ran to the boy's rescue.

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Mom Jumped On Top Of It


Kevin Bromley, Zach's dad, explains what happened next:

“She jumped on top of this thing, but it just wouldn’t let go of Zack’s forearm, so she then had to pry this cougar’s jaw open."

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'There Was Blood Everywhere'


Their struggle continued for several seconds:

“She told me she couldn’t do it for two or three seconds, but then she screamed ‘help’ and it just let go and ran off. And there was blood everywhere.”

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Unsplash | Marc Wieland

Zach was airlifted to the hospital where he needed stitches for wounds on his arm and head. His mom only had some minor cuts on her hand.

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Authorities Killed The Cougars

Authorities later tracked down two mountain lions near the family's home and killed them.

Ben York, a British Columbia conservation inspector, said:

“The cougars were both very emaciated, very skinny and in very poor overall condition, very light for their size."

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Cougars May Have Been Orphans


York suspects that the cougars may have been orphaned and left to try to find their own food. While Zach was only attacked by one of them, the family's daughter said she saw the second cougar nearby during the incident.

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