Pickle Fans Are Mad After McDonald's Admits McPickle Burger Was April Fool's Prank

Never trust anything you see online on April 1st.

Be Wary

It's that time of year again: April Fools, the day where you will be relentlessly punished for being a trusting person. Think your coworker kindly brought in donuts for the office? Surprise! They're filled with mayonnaise. Wow, your cousin is pregnant! How exciting! Sike! It's all just a big joke.

Everything On The Internet Is A Lie Today

The internet seems intent on getting the most out of this "holiday" every year, so a savvy person knows not to believe anything they read all day. Seriously, just log off.

McDonald's Australia Got In On The Jokes


Brands are often some of the major participants, and this year, McDonald's Australia announced its "latest sandwich": the McPickle. They posted about it on Facebook, telling people that it was "available until yesterday." Cheeky.

"Pickle lovers, it's the news you've all been waiting for. We're super stoked to announce the launch of our brand new McPickle Burger. It's time to tuck into juicy, flavoursome pickles layered between melted cheese, ketchup sauce, and toasted sesame seed buns. It's sure to be a treat for all your senses."

People Were Not Pleased

Poor gullible souls had their dreams immediately dashed when they realized that it was all a gherkin rouse, posting about their displeasure online and demanding that McDonald's "make it real."

"Omfg if this is April Fools joke imma be mad."

"Cruel this isn't real."

Honestly, are they looking at the same sandwich I am. The ratio is just... not appealing.

People Were Divided On Its Fictional Deliciousness

People were also pretty divided over whether or not they actually would want to eat a McPickle. Others lamented its hypothetical existence, saying "Even though this is fake it's still disgusting" and "What has this world become?"

Plenty of people were intrigued, however, saying "If this was actually a thing, id probs buy it, pickles are life" and "I understand this is an April fools joke but I would eat this 100%."

Not McDonald's Only Prank

This wasn't McDonald's only online prank of the day. On the US Twitter account, they promoted "Shake Sauce," side portions of shakes to dip your fries in. This one actually makes sense, even though who wouldn't want a full-size shake?

What were some of your favorite branded April Fools Day pranks this year?