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Man Follows Women Home From Planned Parenthood To ‘Educate’ Them On Abortion

As more states pass restrictive abortion bills that ban them after six weeks of pregnancy, the stakes of the nation's ongoing abortion debate are higher than ever.

And as the debate heats up, those involved may feel compelled to use more radical means to get their points across. For those who stand to protect abortion rights, now is the time to organize large-scale protests and to launch legal challenges to state laws with potentially questionable constitutional basis.

Those who stand against abortion, however, have a similar fight for hearts and minds ahead of them.

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And one Arizona man is taking an action that goes beyond civil debate and may cross some dangerous lines.

Jordan Hart of Tucson, Arizona describes himself as self-employed.

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And were you to ask him, it's very likely that he would also describe himself as pro-life.

It's not the only conservative viewpoint he holds, but it's one that he's particularly passionate about.

And if these views weren't enough to suggest that he's no fan of Planned Parenthood, his frequent presence and behavior at his nearest location should.

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But although many who hold the pro-life banner may see fit to stand outside Planned Parenthood in protest, Hart's strategy has caused a different type of discomfort for visitors.

Instead of confronting visitors to Planned Parenthood immediately, he gathers some information on them first.

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Specifically and by his own admission, he takes pictures of these individuals and the license plates of their vehicles.

Once he captures these, he then has a means to track down where these people live and arrive at their houses.

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From there, he intends to "educate" these people on abortion, which likely has more to do with arguing his viewpoint than necessarily providing sexual and reproductive education.

After all, Planned Parenthood is more than well-equipped to provide that kind of education themselves.

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Considering that, according to the Washington Post, only about 12% of Planned Parenthood's nationwide patients in 2013 received abortions, it's far from the only reason people have for going there.

Not only that, but it's hard to argue that following people home after surreptitiously gathering information on them is a good way to educate them on anything.

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Indeed, the satirically named Facebook group who first brought Hart's actions to public attention have described his behavior more as criminal harassment, stalking, and intimidation than education.

However, the Tucson Police Department has referred to Hart's actions as a non-issue.

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Since there aren't any reports of him actually showing up at anyone's house yet, they've apparently said that there's nothing they can legally do about what he's doing.

This then means that the onus is on Planned Parenthood patients in the area to stay vigilant about his presence.

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Aside from arranging for alternate transportation to Planned Parenthood, however, it's unclear how patients can protect their privacy.

It seems unlikely that he'd be willing to delete any license plate photos he's taken.

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If nothing else, they can at least be aware of who he is and why he's at their house if he decides to show up.

For his part, Hart has made his intentions clear and confirmed that he does intend to use license plate information to visit people's homes.

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He also challenged anyone to meet his presence with violence, as he will then have legal recourse to have them arrested.

He also maintained that he is solely there to "bring awareness and truth" about abortion.

Oddly, while he appears to still be actively engaging with commenters on his Facebook account, many of the original posts have disappeared or gone private.

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But of course, nothing is ever really gone on the internet.

It's hard to say why he would opt to remove all his old posts and photos while still posting more about this whole issue.

Most recently, he has called out the people who have been sharing phone numbers attributed to him.

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I don't condone calling people and harassing them, especially when you don't know if you actually have the right number. Doxxing is never cool people.

When I reverse-searched the phone number he says is actually his, I got a completely different name, so even that one is questionable.

So far, there are still no reports of him actually following through with any of the actions he's proposed.

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But it definitely doesn't hurt to stay informed if you're a woman in the area in need of her regular Pap smear.

I suppose the real test of how serious he is will come on June 3, when he's said he's planning to hold a protest.

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