Millionaire Is Offering $300,000 To The Man Who Will Marry His Daughter

A millionaire dad is offering a huge sum to whomever marries his daughter, and the story has gone viral.

Unusual Offer

According to a Facebook post, Arnon Rodthong, 58, is owner of a durian fruit farm in southern Thailand.

Fortune Favors the Bold

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He's offered about $300,000 to whomever marries his daughter, as well as his durian farm, which is apparently worth several billion pounds.

One-of-a-Kind Food

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Durian fruit has a heavy, thorny rind, and is known as one of the stinkiest fruits in the world. Some say it reeks, while others say they like its 'pleasant' scent.

It's a Fascinating Fruit

It smells so bad that there are hotels and public buildings that have banned durian in southeast Asia.

Fruitful Business

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Stinky though it may be, it's made Rodthong a wealthy man, and he's using that money in the best way he knows how -- as an offer to the man who will marry his daughter, Karnsita Rodthong, 26, who helps out with the durian business.

Future Fiance Won't Have To Pay Dowry


According to Ladbible, it's customary for men in Thailand to pay a dowry to the family of the woman he wants to marry, but in this case, Rodthong says he'll waive that.

Rodthong says he's just looking out for his business.

"I want someone to take care of my business and make it last. I don't want a person with a bachelor's, or master's or philosopher's degree.

"I want a diligent man. I just want someone with a hard-working attitude. That's all."

Giving It All Away

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Though Rodthong has sons as well, he says he'll give the durian business and all its assets to his daughter and the new in-law once the deal is inked. "As soon as I have an in-law, I will give up all my assets to him," he says.

Daughter Isn't Upset

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Karnsita is taking the whole thing in stride.

"I first found out about my father's post when my friend's showed me. I was surprised but I can see the funny side to it, too.

"It is true that I am still single. If I have to get married with someone, I only want him to be a diligent and good person who loves his family."

'Plastic Surgery'?

Karnsita is a virgin, as Ladbible writes, and speaks English and Chinese. She says she's never had a boyfriend, but is excited and was "surprised" and "overwhelmed" by this public announcement by her dad. But -- it sounds like she wants to use that money for "plastic surgery in Korea." She looks nearly perfect, so it's unclear why on earth she would need plastic surgery.