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Man Ends Up Buying His Chickens High Visibility Jackets After They Refuse To Stay In Their Coop

Some truly free range chickens in the UK got some fancy new sweaters to keep them safe.

Free Range


David Williams bought two hens for his son and originally planned on keeping them confined to their yard. But the birds -- Davina and Deirdre -- had different ideas. The pair just wanted to be able to roam free, and soon Williams gave in and let them out. He says the stroll about a five-mile radius every day.

Custom Jackets


But as summer came to a close and the days got shorter, Williams began to fear that drivers might not see the chickens in the dark. So he bought them each a high-visibility jacket to wear, one yellow and one pink. They're made by a company called Omlet that specializes in clothing for chickens.

Williams says the walks must be good for the chickens, who are able to naturally forage for food on their strolls. He says they each lay an egg every day before the leave, the they've tasted better than ever since he let them roam free.

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