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Man Arrested After Trying To Smuggle Half A Kilo Of Cocaine Under His Wig

As much of a hassle as we can sometimes get from airport security, it's hard to imagine what life in their shoes feels like. There are some jobs where it's clear that the people who do them have seen some unbelievable things, and this is definitely no exception.

But as much as seeing Hello Kitty knives and grenades hitched to trailers (both real TSA finds by the way) can mess with the mind, some would-be passengers just defy explanation.

Today, we're dealing with a real doozy and it's hard to tell why somebody thought this could possibly work out.

When a flight from Bogota, Colombia landed in Barcelona, Spain, officers noticed something unusual about one of the passengers.

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As The Guardian reported, part of the problem was that the man appeared particularly nervous.

However, even if he had been perfectly calm, his wig likely would have set off some alarm bells.

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As they saw it, it was hard to treat a wig of such unusual height with anything but suspicion.

And it turned out they were right because this wig was riding high for a reason.

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Namely, because that wig was supposed to cover up about 503 grams of cocaine that were glued to his head.

Unsurprisingly, the man was soon arrested after this discovery was made.

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According to The Guardian, Spain is a popular entry point for drug traffickers, but there was something unusual about this man's approach.

Oddly enough, it wasn't necessarily the fact that he tried to cover the package with a wig.

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A woman was arrested at the Madrid airport back in 2015 for trying to smuggle 900 grams of cocaine in her wig, while another was caught concealing 1.7 kilograms in breast implants.

As with those cases, the quantity of the drugs being transported seemed a little higher than usual.

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Although literal tons of product can find their way through Europe, those holding it usually do so in fairly small amounts. This is often done by the dangerous technique swallowing condoms full of cocaine.

Indeed, if the package becomes unsealed, people are known to die doing this.

Despite its position as a point of entry, however, Spain isn't Europe's largest consumer of cocaine.

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In fact, they're in sixth place behind the U.K., the Netherlands, Denmark, France and Ireland.

h/t: The Guardian