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From Barbie to Fanta, Kylie Jenner Unloads Tons of New Halloween Pics

Andrew Roberts 1 Nov 2018

While Heidi Klum might be the Queen of Halloween, Kylie Jenner did her best to catch up with her Halloween costume choices in 2018. While she started things by sharing a butterfly woman look with her baby Stormi Webster, she soon added a few more looks that made for a memorable holiday.


The butterfly was the earliest one to make the round and send a "butterfly effect" around the internet.

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Butterfly Baby

The real joy here is how she got the share the costume with her adorable baby.

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Butterfly Mama

It's a sweet set of photos and a pretty nice costume too. The wings are top notch.

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Barbie In Box

She then took on Barbie -- copyright unknown -- and it is a set that takes on two versions of the classic doll, both in original packaging and out enjoying her world.

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Let Barbie Out

Clearly, the Barbie trapped in the box is hoping to be free. She can peer out of her cellophane prison and hope for someone to come rescue her, but it seems to be taking time.

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Barbie Strikes A Pose

At least she has enough room for a pose while locked away inside the cardboard.

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Freedom For Barbie

But shock of shocks, Barbie changes looks and busts out! She's ready to go and ends up hitting the road.

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Barbie's Dream Car

She hops in her dream car to head to the mall or over to Ken's house or on some sort of secret agent adventure. Who knows!

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Barbie On The Hood

Or maybe she just wants to try to recreate a Whitesnake music video? She doesn't look too lively if she is...

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"Stormi" Weather

Another adorable costume pairing. "Stormi" weather is a simple idea with great execution.

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Kylie is then posing around as an angel, with wings apparently borrowed from Victoria's Secret as opposed to a real angel.

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Poise From Heaven

Drop in a flaming sword and some clouds. This would be an epic pose and photograph.

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Fanta Flavors

The final set of photos Jenner shared in Instagram involved all of the classic Fanta flavors that are out in the world. Kylie and friends are decked out in skin-tight outfits as Mango, Grape, Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, and Pineapple.

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Fanta Pineapple And Blue Raspberry

She also ends up sharing a closeup with her Pineapple look alongside Blue Raspberry. Mix them and you some sort poisoned green drink -- at least we assume so.

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