Kim Kardashian Went To Canada And Did Not Plan For The Weather

LA is a long, long way from Canada. Kim Kardashian knows this, and still was underdressed for the arctic weather.

It's Still February, Kim

Some think she may not have been aware of just how cold it was in Canada when she arrived to open the Thierry Mugler exhibition at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

Cold As Ice


We're talking negative-double-digits cold weather, as @tyannapreeper pointed out, though we should add that those numbers are in Celsius. Still, it wasn't balmy by any means.

It's Just An Absence of Heat

The Evening Standard writes that temperatures fell as low as -18 degrees Celsius (which is about -0.4 degrees Fahrenheit). That's cold for even hardy New Englanders, never mind for someone who lives in sunny California much of the time.

What Is Going On Here?

Kardashian was seen wearing a strapless white mini dress and strappy shoes. It doesn't appear she brought a coat, or a scarf, or even a shawl. She is wearing short armbands, but even those are not solid.

No One's Suggesting She Wear a Hat

Flickr | LeStudio1 - 2019

We probably wouldn't expect her to wear a hat, which could crush her hairdo. No one's suggesting she go that far. But at least put something around your shoulders, Kim. “Kim girllllll!!! You need a coat!!! Its canada!! Did you check the weather? @KimKardashian," wrote one person.

Not Even One Of Those Muff Things?

Flickr | patrick.marks

And why didn't other folks step in; maybe say "Kim, honey, would you like a coat?" -- or something. Maybe people did offer a wrap or one of those muffs that you wear on your hands. That's pretty elegant.

Foolhardy or Gold Standard?

In another photo, Kim K is wearing a shimmery gold dress. According to the Evening Standard, people are quite impressed at her hardiness: “Gotta give props where they’re due; @kimkardashian in 6-inch heels and bare chested and bare legged when it’s -20C and the streets of Montreal are a literal ice rink. Bless.”

Something's Not Right Here

Others didn't appreciate that Kim could just waltz into Montreal like it's a summer day. “People like Kim K wearing a dress and heels in -18 weather. While I’m here in Canada like freezing my a** off wearing three sweaters and boots (sic)," said one.

Bravo, For Not Doing Much

Kim out there wearing 6-inch heels, with bare shoulders, upper chest and bare legs I guess deserves some kind of accolades. But don't forget, she's only out there fora short amount of time before she gets into her warm limo, warm hotel room, wherever. No one's going to freeze here.

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