Kim Kardashian Gave Us Another Pantry Tour And It's Gotten Weirder

Jordan Claes
Kim Kardashian with blonde hair in her closet.
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There isn't a woman alive more famous than Kim Kardashian. For the better part of the last 15 years, Kim and her family have been at the forefront of our collective pop culture.

Recently, Kim decided to give her infamous pantry a bit of a facelift and invited over for an exclusive peek inside. Be forewarned, it's even weirder and more incredible than you remember!

The Kardashian/Jenner clan is unquestionably the most famous and talked-about celebrity family.

Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Kris Jenner.
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People worldwide can't help but talk about every little mundane detail that goes on in their daily lives. Everything from the clothes they wear, to the food that they eat.

A little more than two years ago, Kim set the internet ablaze with a tour of her kitchen and refrigerator.

Kim Kardashian standing in front of fridge.
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What shocked people the most wasn't what was in the fridge, but rather what was not. Aside from several cartons of milk and a few gallons of sparkling water, Kim's fridge looked pretty sparse.

After the news of the internet's bewilderment inevitably got back to her, Kim went on Instagram Live to give fans another look.

Kim Kardashian's pantry.
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She began with a tour of her pantry. Kim made sure to point out how everything is stored in glass jars, including the many delectable toppings used specifically for frozen yogurt.

Kim then moved on to the second level, wherein she revealed a commercial-sized walk-in refrigerator.

Kim Kardashian's walk-in fridge.
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Here Kim made sure to point out all of her fresh, organically grown produce. There was even one section of her fridge that contained 72 different types of cheese!

Recently, Kim decided to invite Poosh into her home to show off her brand new kitchen re-organization.

Kim Kardashian pantry redo.
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All photos come courtesy of photographer Ivan Solis. I am not a religious person, but if God does in fact exist — this is what her pantry must look like.

Would you look at those incredible ceramics?!

Kim Kardashian's pantry.
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Kim looks as if she has enough dishes to feed a small army. I don't know why anyone needs two identical tea kettles, all I know is that I want one of my own.

Kim's snack game is still on point, too.

Kim Kardashian's pantry.
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Look at that bounty! Rice Krispy treats, Veggie Straws, and Kettle brand potato chips?! I think I've died and gone to paradise. All of this stuff wouldn't last three days in my household.

Kim's coffee/tea stand is positively to die for.

Kim Kardashian's coffee station.
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Kim's love of honey has been well established. If you look closely at her tea station, you'll notice honey lollipops, pure honey extract, as well as what appear to be sip straws made from real honey.

The most amazing thing about Kim's pantry is how it seemingly never ends.

Kim Kardashian's pantry.
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To call this a pantry feels like a bit of a misnomer because it's more like a labyrinth. Kim has more delectable treats than Mr. Willy Wonka himself.

Of course, no tour would be complete without a shot of Kim's iconic fridge.

Kim Kardashian's fridge.
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As you can see, Kim still keeps a different type of milk for every one of her children's individual tastes. She also looks to have every flavor of Ocean Spray available on the market.

Kim's entire kitchen redo was made possible thanks to Mary Astadourian of A Detailed Life.

Kim Kardashian accepting an award.
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When all was said and done, Kim had a new shelf built, added some brand new bowls and plates, and plenty more wooden organizers for easy storage.