15 Kids Who Were Stamped As Entitled Brats

Lex Gabrielle
little girl with all of her toys
Unsplash | Katie Emslie

Many parents want to give their kids everything that they can in life. They want to support them, love them, nurture them, and hope that they are happy with all the things they can get that maybe some parents didn't grow up with.

However, there are some times when giving your kids things can go too far and some people end up with spoiled rotten kids.

This kid deserves to be grounded for life.

Broken TV screens from spoiled kid
reddit | Reddit

Apparently, this child has gotten so mad while playing Fortnite that he has broken not one, not two, not three, not four, but five TVs in a row. Now, his parents are hoping people can use them for parts.

They said he couldn't have a fish.

Broken fish tank cracked glass
reddit | Reddit

At the store, the kid was begging his parents for a pet fish and when he was told no, he decided to take matters into his own hands and smash the fish tank.

Look at her face.

kid ordered toys Amazon without parents knowing
reddit | Reddit

Apparently, she went on Amazon and decided to order herself a whole slew of toys behind her parent's back. And, when they got delivered, she couldn't have been more proud of herself and her accomplishments.

He really bit it.

Kid bites turtle and makes mom buy it in store
reddit | Reddit

This little boy decided to use his reading skills and figured out that if he bites a toy, his mom has to (by store rules) pay for the toy and then it's his. So, he decided to find the biggest toy in the store and sink his teeth into it.

Smashed a whole gaming system.

Reddit post about kid smashing nintendo
reddit | Reddit

Instead of sharing with their family, this person decided to smash the entire Nintendo Switch on the floor so now no one can play it, simply because there was one game bought that she did not like or enjoy.

Too much sugar for too late.

Text message of kid throwing tantrum over frappachino
reddit | Reddit

At least the parents knew where to throw this post because this is really entitled. The mom said that it was too late to get a frappucino, as they are loaded with sugar, and even promised her daughter one the following day. But, that wasn't good enough.

Whose kid is this?

kid throwing garbage in airplane aisle
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Apparently, when you have garbage on an airplane, some kids think that means you just throw it down the middle aisle of the plane. Whose child is this and why are they allowing him to act this way?

A whole mess.

fake nails in store messed up
reddit | Reddit

If you don't want something, why not just put it back where you took it from? People really don't seem to care that there is someone who has to then spend their time fixing this!


Craigslist macbook post
reddit | Reddit

"Cheap" but brand new, seems to not add up for me. Apparently, she asked her dad for the space gray version of the MacBook, but because she got a rose gold one, she is selling it "for nothing."

I just am so confused.

BMW pushed into river by spoiled kid
reddit | Reddit

Getting a BMW would make any kid feel like they are on top of the world. Except for this kid in India because he was "upset" that the var was too small and wanted a Jaguar and not a BMW for his birthday.

Clearly going to be a lawyer.

Quora question about suing parens for doing chores
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Chores are a right of passage for many people growing up. Unless you are an attorney in the making and super entitled and feel like it's illegal to do any chores in your own home where you live.

Apparently he doesn't like mushrooms.

Kid complaining about dinner reddit
reddit | Reddit

Some kids don't understand that having any food on the table is better than some people in eh world have it. Mushrooms or no mushrooms, Little Ceasar's pizza or gourmet, not many people get a hot meal every night.

Begging for a car in a Facebook group.

Facebook post begging for money for car
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Wrote into a group for financial support, like for bills and other things of need, and asked everyone if they are giving away a free car for his daughter. Clearly, he missed the entire point of the group.

His son wants an Audi, so he's GoFunding it.

Dad asking for money for emergency car for son
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This dad has no shame if he is going to the internet in order to crowdfund for his son's overpriced birthday gift. Why not just get him something that you can actually afford? Maybe, just maybe it is the right way to do it.

Takes the trophy for the most entitled.

Facebook post from spoiled kid
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This son, whose dad is about to die of cancer, feels that he's not allowed to spend his money the way he wants to doing things that he wants to do before he dies, because it's "his inheritance." I am speechless.