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Justin Bieber Reportedly Spotted Weeping at Harry Potter-Themed Bar

Why was Justin so weepy? And why should we be surprised? The guy gets emotional, but for reasons usually unknown to us. His latest bout of tears was caught on camera while with his wife, Hailey Baldwin.

Harry Potter will do that to a guy

Bieber was recently spotted with Baldwin at the Leaky Cauldron, a Harry Potter-themed establishment at Universal Studios Orlando. Thanks to a billion eyes on him constantly, we can glean some sort of explanation as to why he was doing some leaking of his own.

It's OK to cry, Justin

Sources say the Biebs appeared "disheveled and distressed," and Baldwin was trying to comfort him. Something was bubbling up at the Cauldron, but we can only speculate.

Bieber and Baldwin's wedding woes could be the culprit

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According to the Daily Mail, the last time he was seen crying, he was carrying a marriage self-help book. It seems Bieber (who's still only 24) has been content recently with just chilling out enjoying married life. But Hailey, a successful model, is ready to get back to work. There could be some conflict here.

Who's sorry now?

The two secretly married in September, so naturally they want to spend a lot of time together. Maybe that self-help book is bringing out the softer side in Bieber, and that can't all be bad.

Friends before lovers

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The two have been friends since their teenage years, and rumors of their burgeoning romance popped up in 2015 when an engagement between the two was floated in the news. The couple married on Sept. 13 in New York City, and plan a larger wedding with family at some point.

No use crying over the butterbeer

A short video was posted on Twitter that shows Hailey and Justin sitting together at the Leaky Cauldron. She appears to be comforting him as he looks down. Word is they drank butterbeer, a Harry Potter-themed concoction with a minimal amount of alcohol. That's probably for the best, if the two are trying to work out some knots in their new marriage.

Keep your head up

Really, it's alright to cry Justin, but tell us what's up. Your fandom is waiting patiently.

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