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Take A Look At These 10+ Interesting Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Men

Andrew Roberts 1 Feb 2019

Men shouldn't feel left out on Valentine's Day. It's a two-way street of a holiday and there are plenty of gifts for those lovable men out there to be showered with from their lovely partners -- or mothers if we're being honest.

The following selections are out there to hit all of the areas of modern male necessity and stands in unison with our gift list for women at the holiday.

So if women are being "spoiled," why should men be left out?

Timex Watch

Timex / Amazon

You can't beat a good watch when it comes to gifts and this Timex is a classic version that keeps the watch affordable while still looking good. It comes in three different styles, including the gold look above, but you can also opt for a cleaner silver look and another with a blue face on it. If you're looking to help the guy in your life start a watch collection or just add it to their look, this is a good place to start.

Amazon - $35.75 -$37.05

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Camera Lens Thermos

Mango Spot / Amazon

If you have a photography fan in your life, this mug could for them. It is a replica of a Canon Lens Model EF 24-105mm f / 7L IS USM lens and is actually a stainless steel container for hot or cold drinks. You could likely even do soup in there if you so desire.

Amazon - $16.97

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Stance Men's Basquiat Anatomy Creative Socks

Stance / Amazon

These aren't athletic socks to go wearing around at the gym or while you're out running. Or are they? We aren't entirely sure, but they certainly are a stylish alternative to your typical black look. If you have someone who needs to go business casual or above on a daily basis, give these a try to spice up the look a bit.

Amazon - $21.95 for one large pair

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And If You're Shopping For A Lady

Giphy | HULU

Valentine's Day is a day to treat the ones you love and you can go wrong with our gift giving guide for the ladies in your life. If you're shopping for yourself here, check out what you can offer the opposite sex.

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Shower Speaker

VicTsing / Amazon

Does your man love music in the shower? Are you both looking for a waterproof option when you go camping? This speaker from VicTsing could be for them. Not only does it come with a suction cup on its rear for stick it on the shower wall or next to the tub, but it also has a clip for hanging from any of your towel racks or some string depending where you are.

Just beware, the ad says not to immerse your speaker in water.

Amazon - $21.99

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JanSport / Amazon

Head back in time with these throwback JanSport backpacks. The days of the briefcase are long gone and we want to be a bit stylish when you're traveling with your laptop or important papers. Also, they are pretty affordable compared to other bags that are out there. JanSport is great quality and you can't go wrong.

Amazon - $32.99 for a ton of options

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SmartBase Bed Frame

SmartBase / Amazon

The ad for this quick bed frame jokes about your boyfriend actually just sleeping on a mattress on the floor. While this is something that works for many in the country, there is an age where a bed frame makes sense. So this SmartBase bed frame is delivered to the home, is easy to set up, and offers storage space under the bed.

You get yourself off the ground and add a little vertical space for an affordable price.

Amazon - $102.50

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Koby Bag Tooletries Bag

Koby Bag / Amazon

Another great shower accessory for the man in your life, especially the ones that are on the go. If you're keeping your toiletries in the shower and or want to have a go bag for when you're on the go, the Koby Bag might be for you. It comes in blue, charcoal, and olive colors, is waterproof and antibacterial proof, and is said to work like a "wet suit."

Amazon - $34.99

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Northern Brewer Deluxe Home Brewing Equipment Starter Kit

Northern Brewer / Amazon

Do you like beers? Are you a fan of the craft variety? Have you wanted to make your own? This kit will give you a taste of the beer brewing business, with Northern Brewer bringing everything you need to ferment up to 5 gallons of an IPA. It might go poorly, but it is worth a try if you dream of crafting your own oat soda.

Amazon - $199.95 for the complete kit

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Carpe Antiperspirant Hand Lotion

Carpe / Amazon

If you suffer from wet, sweaty palms -- think Albert Brooks in Broadcast News -- this might be a nice solution for you. It's an anti-sweat lotion that could help you at the gym, help in those public speaking situations, or giving you that edge you need in stressful situations.

Amazon - $14.20 for a 2-ounce tube

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Moose Knuckles Down Jacket

Moose Knuckles / Amazon

Possibly the most expensive item on the list, these Moose Knuckles down jackets are quality that many could use during these cruel winter months. You've got heavy duty zippers, a wind flap and hood with button clips, and a variety of colors to keep you stylish and warm.

Amazon - $953.18 - $995.00

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