20 Times Instagrammers Tried To Fool Us All And Failed Miserably

Ashley Hunte
A woman photoshopped onto a sportscar.
reddit | kkusheen

For whatever reason, people feel the need to post pictures of themselves online that honestly don't make any sense. Unnatural proportions, faces that have been smoothed to the point where they lack features, you name it.

Online influences (especially in the Instagram sphere) love to pass off totally fake images of themselves as real or attainable. But some, like the ones here, make it a little too obvious that their pictures are heavily edited.

"Excuse me ma’am, where is your armpit?"

A woman posing in a dress. Her skin has been smoothed over.
reddit | Unowhono

Okay sure, this is one of those online stores where they just photoshop the clothes on the models and not an influencer, but the same thing still applies. Like, why did they do this model so dirty?

"Didn’t know that Boom Bod worked so well that it makes the kitchen counter warp."

A woman posing with a weight loss product, but the counter by her hips have been warped.
reddit | cartmanbruhlolo

Sure, having that hourglass shape is fine and all. But the vast majority of people aren't shaped like that. Maybe we should spend more time embracing all body types instead of pushing one look over everything else.

"Cousin shared this store’s post saying she ‘needs’ them… they look like the plutonium rods from The Simpsons."

A pair of sandals edited to look like they have a rainbow iridescent effect on them.
reddit | ModeInternational979

I can't get over the fact that somebody slapped a texture on top of those sandals and called it a day, as if that looks good at all. But I guess it's still good enough to fool some people.

No amount of makeup can change your face shape that much.

Two pictures of the same woman where one looks vastly different from the other.
reddit | nnmm77

Sure, contour and lighting can make your face look slimmer, but that's a completely different chin shape. But I'm sure people will refuse to believe that it's edited...

"If you play your cards right, you'll never look like this poor woman."

A woman wearing a deck of cards-inspired dress. The dress looks drawn on despite the woman being real.
reddit | falloutbouy

I have no idea what's going on here. Did she... draw that dress on? Or maybe someone else did. Either way, it's looking a little too 2-D to be real.

Why stop at one poorly edited photo, when you can have two?

A woman photoshopped to have impossibly disproportionate hips and waist, plus legs that have been edited in from a totally different picture.
reddit | ZaddyPaps

The top half of the picture is bad enough, but the fact that the bottom half is... a completely different picture, is just so absurd, you can't help but laugh. There's no way this was serious.

"Local 'businessman' who learned about Facetune."

Six images of the same man, where half are edited and half are not.
reddit | inc0mpl_te

I don't understand the point of editing your face so much, you almost look like a different person. Do you just think no one is ever going to see you outside of Instagram or something?

"She's out here looking like a flying saucer with these edits."

A woman with hips that were obviously edited to look wide.
reddit | bananaleaftea

I get that editing your hips/waist area to look more shapely is a whole trend and all, but this is on another level. Seriously. No one's hips should ever look like this.

"That brickwork though."

A woman posing with her back facing forward. There's visible warping in the brick wall behind her.
reddit | sbozeman3

Oh yes, because the bricks around this woman's behind are totally supposed to be all bent and warped like that. Not.

All I'm saying is, if you're going to go out of your way to edit a picture of yourself, maybe try not to warp the background, too.

"Must be the lighting."

Two images of a woman; one makes her look significantly younger than the other.
reddit | Lone_loser31

I don't know about you, but I kind of hate the fact that women aren't allowed to age. No matter how old a woman gets, she's expected to have as few wrinkles as possible. It just ain't fair!

"So lifelike... so real..."

A woman posing next to a man; her face looks photoshopped into the picture.
reddit | pastaONwheels

Okay, I definitely wasn't expecting to see something like this today. It looks like she photoshopped a picture of her face into the original photo, and then edited it some more! It's giving me a bit of uncanny valley.

"Face looks superimposed."

A woman whose face is smooth, but there are visible wrinkles on her arms.
reddit | Savings-Jelly-5267

It's just like I said before, it's okay to age. And to be perfectly honest, if you want to mask the wrinkles that might appear on your face, you might want to think about your arms, too. For consistency.

"Not a pore in sight."

Four women taking a selfie. Each one has impossibly smooth skin.
reddit | ohmystarsuponthars

I absolutely hate those filters that smooth your skin so much, they make your facial features disappear. Those two women in the front barely have noses anymore. But I guess some people like that look?

"She wasn't even subtle about it."

A picture of a woman that shows visible warping around her waist and shoulders.
reddit | ricekrispiies

I cannot believe that, not only did she do a bit of the usual waist warping, but her shoulders, too. Like, why would you feel the need to photoshop your shoulders? They're just shoulders.

"Make sure you have a good artistic sense before photoshopping your body."

A strangely edited photo of a woman by water.
reddit | Kururi_966

I'm mostly just confused as to why her face doesn't match the rest of her body. It's amazing how many people use foundation that doesn't match their skin tone, but then don't use it on other exposed skin.

"A guy from my hometown, bet you wont be able to guess which photo is the tagged (and subsequently untagged) one."

Two drastically different pictures of the same man.
reddit | CardAdministrative21

The first picture looks like a normal dude. The second picture looks like a render from some video game commercial.

"Same picture posted by each sibling on their account."

Two pictures of a man and woman, one edited and one not.
reddit | chaic

I mean, at least the man was also edited for once. But still, there's nothing wrong with how they actually look. I don't know which sibling posted which, but I have my suspicions.

Because that car is definitely there.

A woman photoshopped in front of a sportscar.
reddit | kkusheen

I can't believe somebody went through all the trouble to photoshop that car in there, but didn't bother to make it actually look like it's there. It just looks so out of place in the funniest way possible.

"Is it weird that I instinctively look for the edits now?"

A woman whose body doesn't match her shadow.
reddit | alonzoftw

I mean, the shadow is one thing. But I literally can't stop staring at that pointy elbow. It looks like she forgot to smooth that out before posting the final pic.

"Where does his face start and where do the fingers end?"

A photoshopped picture of a man in a restaurant.
reddit | FreshDumbled0re

I guess editing your face is hard enough, that if a hand gets in the way, it just becomes a part of your chin. Totally not terrifying at all.