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Husband Emails Wife A List Detailing Every Time She Refused Him Sex

This woman got a horrible surprise from her loving husband just before she left for a work trip.

The Set-Up


A woman took to Reddit to tell the story of what her husband did to her. She sets it up by telling us that they have had a very busy year (this is back in 2014, for the record). She's been working overtime, they've been renovating a house, she's been working out a lot -- all completely understandable reasons for a possible slowdown in their sex life.

The Email


So, with their busy lives in mind, we learn that the wife had to leave for a 10-day work trip. Just as she's headed to the airport she gets an email from her husband. In it is a spreadsheet detailing every single time he attempted to initiate sex in the last seven weeks.

The Spreadsheet


This is staggering, and very creepy. Not only does he keep track of the dates on which he attempted to have sex, but also gives her exact excuse. So he was writing this stuff down as it was happening, all to be able to make her feel like crap at some point.

An Emotional Wreck


As you could imagine, she was a wreck as a result of this email. He husband wouldn't answer her calls or texts. She went on to say that she's supposed to be visiting clients for the next nine days, but is now an emotional wreck. She wondered, "why is he putting me through this?" It's a good question; hopefully she never gave him the chance to do it again.

Weird Energy

Instead of putting energy into remembering every detail of when no sex happened, the husband could have spent time talking with his wife and explaining why he's upset. When was he working on this "spreadsheet"? What kind of sick bastard is this?

Do Better Than A List

If he doesn't even realize that she's had all this stuff going on, that's a problem right there. But people seek marriage counseling all the time; there are options they can try instead of just being passive-aggressive and writing angry lists.

Sour Times

She's out there, alone and probably bawling. Not cool, dude.

Other Options Here

Bored Panda

Others have shared ways they worked through their relationship troubles. Something is wrong with this husband.

New Plan

Bored Panda

If he's not willing to try counseling or even talk like a normal human being with her, there's still an out.

Not An Attempt To Seduce

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This one seems to go in the direction that the husband might be right in his attempt to inform his wife that he feels bad.

But, his method is completely off. Why not just open up in person?

Where Is The Communication??

Where is the actual communication here? Why did this guy choose the most passive-aggressive way to do this instead of just talking about the issue in person? Discuss things, don't be afraid of what will be said because writing up a list and emailing it isn't going to improve the sexual relationship.