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Pottery Barn Is Turning Into Potter Barn With Their New 'Harry Potter' Home Decor

Even if you have never read or seen the movies, Harry Potter is a worldwide phenomenon. Ever since its debut over 20 years ago back in 1997, the series has completely taken the world by storm. There is tons of merch, and even a whole Wizarding World in Universal Studios theme parks all over the world.

Now, Pottery Barn is on the action, helping you turn your ordinary home into a mini Hogwarts.

Pottery Barn is selling a ton of super cute and functional 'Harry Potter'-inspired home decor merchandise.

Pottery Barn

Think of anything in your home, and they definitely have it in a Harry Potter version.

They have everything from pillows, to lamps, dinnerware, garlands, mirrors — you name it.

Pottery Barn

They really have Harry Potter decor for the whole family, with a baby line, kids line, and teen line, that all feature the cutest bedding.

Items start at $14.50 and run up to around $400, depending on the item.

Pottery Barn

This Hedwig beanbag chair might be one of my favorites from the collection, but it's honestly so hard to choose!

The third installation of the 'Fantastic Beasts' movies is coming out in 2021, so you have plenty of time to get your home sorted for the occasion.

Pottery Barn

Check out the whole collection on Pottery Barn's website, and let yourself become spellbound by all the magical decor!

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