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'Harry Potter'-Inspired Face Mask Magically Reveals Marauder's Map When You Breathe

Now that the CDC is recommending the wearing of face masks when going out in public, coupled with the fact that all 50 states are at least partially re-opening since social distancing measures were put in place in March, face masks are about to be as much a necessary accessory as leaving the house with your wallet is.

If that's the case, we might as well have some fun with our new accessory, right? One artist found a way to do just that, and Harry Potter fans will be scooping them up fast!

At first glance, this is just an ordinary black cloth face mask that many people have been sporting these days.

Colorado CPEX

However, the mask has a major surprise up its sleeve.

When you breathe, the mask magically reveals Marauder's Map from *Harry Potter*! How cool is that?

Colorado CPEX

The heat-activated pigments in the material of the mask react with a temperature of 82 degrees Fahrenheit, so if you live in warmer climates, it may actually never change back to black, which wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing!

The masks aren't medical grade, so keep that in mind if you were looking for a CDC-approved medical mask.

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Unfortunately, the masks are currently sold out, if you were wanting to order them, like, right now.

However, have no fear! They adult and child masks are being restocked on May 29th, so make sure you head to their website to order.

The shop, Colorado CPEX, specializes in sensory toys for kids, but special effects masks might have to be their next specialty item.

Make sure you watch the mask in action on their TikTok.

Do you think we'll be seeing more interactive masks on the market? Let us know!

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