These Twin Trick-Or-Treating Dogs Will Melt Your Heart With Their Twin Ghost Costumes

Emily Reily 1 Nov 2018

Meet Fabbe and Nisse. They're goldendoodles whose mom dressed them up as twin ghosts this Halloween. These very good boys are obedient and quiet and will do anything for a treat this holiday season. View more photos of these gorgeous ghost-dogs below, as well as other spooky pets.

Light-up pups

Here's another photo of these gorgeous ghost-dogs, all aglow. Who's getting extra snuggles tonight? They are!

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They asked for treats so nicely

Brothers Fabbe and Nisee are so popular they even have their own IG page, because of course they do. How could you say no to those sad faces?

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Super-Dog ready for action!

Superman... have you been working out?

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Spot the difference

Here's at least one banana that's not going to go bad.

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Slumber party for four!

Where's the popcorn?

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For the upcoming sequel .... just sayin'

The Force is strong with these canines.

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They can't stand to be apart

A Chihuahua and a koala??

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Macie Gray

This Cheshire cat decided to play Alice instead.

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Once bitten twice shy

Corgi pals Corgnelius and Stumphrey got too close to the water.

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