15 Travel Photos That I Can't Stop Laughing At

Lex Gabrielle
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Going on vacation is something that everyone looks forward to. Getting away from home and going on a trip is a great experience for everyone. And, while we're gone, we always want to document moments from our trip on camera.

Taking photos while on vacation is a great way to keep memories alive. However, we all know some photos do not come out as we wanted them to, or as we planned.

That fog though.

Going to certain places, like mountains, needs to be done when it's a bright, sunny, clear day. Going when it's cloudy and foggy will most certainly not pay off. I mean, those photos will look like you're standing in front of a white screen.

Oops, photobomb.

Bad photo of Mona Lisa
reddit | Reddit

Many people want to see iconic art and monuments when they go to places across the world. However, there's nothing that hurts more than going through your pictures and seeing that someone blocked the entire art piece.

Taj Mahal? Where?

Foggy Taj Mahal photo
reddit | Reddit

This Reddit user was told by a friend that going to see the Taj Mahal at sunrise is the best time to go see it. Unfortunately, he couldn't even see it due to the fog that was all over in the morning.

Yup, nicely done.

Bad photo
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You would think that when you ask someone to take a photo for you that they would realize that you cannot see anything because their finger is totally in the way. Sometimes, we should check the photo before we walk away.

That's disappointing.

DEvil's Eye in Reality
reddit | Reddit

Imagine driving or traveling all the way to see something super special and it is such a letdown—apparently, it happens more often than you think. And, you feel like a total fool for going that far to see something so small.

Something is not right here.

Many people go to The Louvre to take photos where you stand and look like you are touching the point. This kid clearly missed the point both literally and figuratively. He is touching...nothing—and looks a bit silly.

What volcano?

Foggy volcano photo
reddit | Reddit

Walking up a hill and hiking to see an active volcano is something many would like to do on their vacation. But, not to see absolutely nothing. This poor traveler went in the morning to see an active volcano and saw nothing but clouds.

What kind of art performance is this?

Arch De Triumph  art project
reddit | Reddit

Going to France means you can finally see some of the best architecture and exhibits—like the Arch De Triumph—but when you go and they are doing an art installation, it's a huge letdown.

When the tour guide takes a photo and misses the group.

Tour Guide bad Photo
reddit | Reddit

Going on a guided tour when you're traveling is a huge perk in many places. And, many travelers ask their tour guide to get a good shot of them when they are at some places. But, this guy clearly missed the memo.

Are you sure you're at the Grand Canyon?

Foggy Grand Canyon Photo
reddit | Reddit

The Grand Canyon is a staple of the United States and many people drive far and wide to see it. However, going there during the right time and the right "weather" is the most important. Or, you could end up like this guy and be taking photos in front of nothing at all.

Snowed in like—woah.

Snow trapped cabin
reddit | Reddit

The Reddit user's sister took a trip to Iceland for Christmas and rented out a cabin, but ended up being totally and utterly snowed in. That snow is not melting any time soon, we hope they had enough food!

What perfect timing.

Pigeon photobomb
reddit | Reddit

Getting photobombed by a person is one thing, but getting photobombed by a pigeon is something that would be perfect timing. While it may not be the perfect photo, it's definitely a funny travel shot to keep forever.

That's one picture that will never be forgotten.

Photobomb someone gets arrested
Imgur | Imgur

Taking a group shot on the beach with friends is something everyone likes to do. Getting photobombed—something happens all of the time. Getting photobombed by someone who is getting arrested on the beach is hilarious.

It's supposed to be the Golden Gate Bridge.

Foggy golden gate bridge
reddit | Reddit

The Golden Gate Bridge is a staple of the United States and many enjoy getting a great photo of the bridge. This photo, however, is not one that is a staple to hang on the wall or put in an album. It looks like a figment of the imagination.