Turn Your Kitchen Into Central Perk With A 'Friends'-Inspired Cookie Jar

Friends fans, I have amazing news: Central Perk cookie jars exist in this world.

Now you can create a Central Perk atmosphere in your own home — orange couch not included, Gunthers optional.

There are a few options available.


This glass one is the first. It has an airtight lid, so you can be sure that your cookies won't go stale — that is, if they last long enough.

Of course, you don't HAVE to store cookies in it.


The 1.2L jar will hold anything you desire, including baking supplies. I totally bet Monica would use it for that, tbh.

This one available from Paladone with a trade account, which you can sign up for.

If that jar isn't your style, however...


How about this one? It's more themed than the first one, featuring a Central Perk logo, Perk-green lid, and a tiny little coffee cup on top. How cute is that?

'Friends' fans seriously love it.


One fan added hers to her coffee area/Friends shrine. Rather than storing cookies, they keep K-Cup pods in it! That's so Central Perk. Gunther would be proud.

You can order this one from Amazon.