An Angry Mother Sues Her Former Nanny For Secretly Feeding Her Newborn Formula Instead Of Breast Milk

Lynne Versluys 19 Mar 2019

One mother had an unfortunate incident occur with her temporary live-in doula.

A New Mom's Plan

Unsplash | Tim Bish

New Yorker and new mom Lynn Wojton had a plan for the care of her first baby daughter, Wilder. With the help of a temporary, live-in doula, Wojton would be feeding the baby breastmilk, opting out of formula.

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A Newborn Arrangement

Unsplash | Michal Bar Haim

She made the plan clear to Marcia Chase-Marshall, the doula, who would sleep in Wilder's room and wake Wojton whenever she needed to feed.

However, on the third night, Chase-Marshall didn't wake Wotjon. When she confronted the doula, she made an unexpected admission.

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A Shocking Discovery

Unsplash | Janko Ferlič

Instead of waking Wotjon, Chase-Marshall just fed Wilder formula instead. Wotjon admitted to the New York Post that she was shocked by the doula's decision​ because she had made it clear that she believed breastmilk was the healthiest option for her baby.

"I was very upset. This is not what I wanted -- this is not what I want -- for my baby.

I cried for an hour, honestly."

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An Odd Justification

Unsplash | Filip Mroz

Chase-Marshall had an inconsistent explanation for the choice, first claiming that she fed Wilder formula because she thought it was the better choice for the baby. However, later on, she admitted that "it was less work and she wanted extra sleep."

She told the Post, "I have nothing to say."

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Differing Opinions

Unsplash | Alex Pasarelu

The Internet, of course,​ had very strong and divisive opinions over this situation, with many siding with the mother.

"I think the fact that the doula was paid $4,200 for the month's work would mean she should be bending over backwards to make sure all was according to her employer's specifications. Whether you agree with them or not! End of [story]."

However, others thought that the mother was way overreacting to the situation.

"Oh no. Not formula, intended for babies. What a terrible person. Good Lord. Get over it people."

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Taking Legal Steps

Unsplash | Helloquence

After the confrontation, Chase-Marshall left the position immediately, but pocketed the entirety of the $4,200 for the contract.

Wojton claims to be over the incident, but is seeking $10,000 in legal damages. She told The Post:

"Your instincts do kick in. It was the last straw, the way she was behaving and the way she was speaking to me."

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