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Dolly Parton Shares What Keeps Her Young: Like Waking Up At 3 AM

For the vast majority of people, getting older isn't a lot of fun. You start to ache, your body begins to betray you, and you slowly start to not recognize the face staring back in the mirror.

That is unless you happen to be Dolly Parton, who like a fine wine, only seems to get better with age. Recently, Dolly sat down and shared some of the secrets that keep her looking young — like waking up at 3 AM.

When you think of Dolly Parton, a few words immediately spring to the forefront of your mind.

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Terms like philanthropist, icon, and of course — living country music legend. Suffice it to say that for as long as human beings continue to walk the earth, there will never be another one quite like Dolly.

For the past seven decades, Dolly has been the unquestioned Queen of country music and has worked tirelessly to earn that title.

You have to wake up pretty early to beat Dolly Parton to the punch — literally. As fans recently discovered during an interview with Insider, she isn't one to waste even a morsel of daylight.

"I don't need a whole lot of sleep," Parton began.

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"I go to bed pretty early, but even if I've been up late — it's just kind of like a little clock inside of me that says 'it's 3 o'clock!'"

Not only is Dolly an early riser, but she also claims to be at her most productive pre-dawn.

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"I do some of my best work there, but I get enough sleep," Parton assured her interviewer. "I don't require as much sleep as a lot of other people do, that's kind of a Parton family trait."

In this sense, Dolly says that she is very much like her father — the late Robert Lee Parton.

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"I'm like my daddy," Dolly explained. "He was always up early, even if he had to go to bed late."

Despite the fact that Dolly beats the crow of the cock, she claims to have no special beauty or skincare regimen.

In fact, she revealed to WSJ magazine last year that most of the time, she sleeps with a full face of makeup.

This is done to ensure that no one catches a glimpse of her naked face, even in the event of a natural disaster.

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You'd presume that kind of dedication to beauty would equate to Dolly packing a proverbial arsenal of expensive beauty products, but in reality — the total opposite is true.

"I don't do any big rituals with my skin or anything, and I don't think you have to pay a ton of money to have good products," she told Insider.

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Dolly believes that most cosmetics products that wind up costing less are just as effective, and sometimes even better than the brand name stuff.

"I don't buy for fame," she stated flatly. "I just buy the ones that work for me."

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On top of not allowing herself to be duped by fancy marketing and branding techniques, Dolly also attributes her youthful-looking skin to not sunbathing in her younger years.

Dolly said that she has never been able to tan, and as a result, always steered clear of the sun's harmful UV rays.

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The country music star laments that she would've loved the look of a tan, but is more than happy to not have to deal with the problems that certain women of her age do.

Once Dolly is up and out of bed, she says that the first thing she does is cook her husband, Carl Dean, a hearty southern breakfast.

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Clearly, Carl Dean is an incredibly lucky man — in more ways than one.