Disney Guest Couldn't Enter Epcot Because Of 'Revealing' Shirt

Sarah Kester
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Disney was the opposite of the Happiest Place on Earth for one guest.

Nicole Delosreyes wasn't allowed to enter Epcot with her "revealing shirt," which could be dangerous to wear on rides that go 80 miles per hour.

In a now-viral video, she recorded the moment it happened after she was given two choices: "I had to either leave and change or buy merch."

This situation was different than the dress code saga that plagued Six Flags in 2021.

Bailey Breedlove, who is autistic, was enjoying her family's vacation at the park when she was stopped by security for wearing shorts that they claimed were too short.

The trouble all started when her daughter was yelled at by a park police officer for rolling down a hill on her heelies while her mom held her hand.

Bailey wearing a Pokemon shirt
Facebook | Facebook | Bailey Breedlove

The officer then took issue with the shorts the mom was wearing.

This was despite the fact that she was welcomed into the park earlier on in the day with no issue.

Bailey looking upset while talking to officer
Facebook | Facebook | Bailey Breedlove

"I committed no crime," Bailey wrote on Facebook. Things took a scary turn when the mom was "threatened with criminal trespassing."

"I was terrified I was about to go to jail over a pair of shorts," she wrote.

Bailey and her daughter talking to the officers
Facebook | Facebook | Bailey Breedlove

Meanwhile, her daughter was shown in the video next to her, crying hysterically over the thought of her mom being sent to jail.

Disney recently had a different story. A guest was stopped for her revealing top.

Nicole wearing the shirt that was rejected
TikTok | nicole.delosreyes

TikTok user, Nicole DeLosReyes, recorded herself after she was told by a Disney employee that she couldn't enter the park. “Guys, it happened, I got dress coded at Disney,” DeLosReyes said on the TikTok.

"So now, we’re getting a shirt," she said.

In the comments, Nicole further explained what had happened. “At entry, I got stopped and was told they don’t allow tie front tops," she wrote. “I had to either leave and change or buy merch.”

People in the comments gave a few theories on why she was denied.

Unsplash | Amy Humphries

"They don’t allow tops held together by ties/strings bc they could come undone or get caught on something on rides," one wrote. Another suggested that some adults are bothered by revealing tops.

Nicole's top was also criticized for not being appropriate for Disney.

Jimmy Fallon saying "shame"
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"It's not the club," one wrote. "I love cute fits but when I go to Disney I know I can’t wear like beach or club wear even if it’s comfortable," another added.

The TikToker was even accused of wearing a revealing shirt so that she could get a free one.

This is a popular TikTok hack that had people dressing inappropriately on purpose to get free merch.

Nicole denied these claims. "I don't care for a free damn shirt I just wasted a cute fit," she wrote.

People were surprised at this, especially after users receiving free shirts was documented on TikTok.

Michael Scott saying 'swag'
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"I think they stopped doing it because so many people [started] wearing inappropriate things in order to get a free shirt,” a commenter wrote. “It became like a trend.”

In a follow-up video, Nicole gave users a better look at her "revealing top."

"This is it," she said while wearing the white top that ties in the front. Even though Disney didn't like it, many others passed the vibe check.

"Your tops not even that revealing... they know Ariel wears a seashell bra right?" someone commented.