New Dad Posts Hilarious Live Updates As His Wife Gives Birth

A dad in Texas decided to provide live updates of his wife's birth, and the results were fantastic.



Everything about childbirth is pretty weird. And also beautiful, of course. But mostly weird. As Cody accurately points out after his wife's water breaks. He posts a few updates over the next four hours or so, but like most childbirths, things move slowly after the water breaks. It ain't like the movies.

Where's My Ice?


We all know that men are the real heroes of the birthing process. We have to sit there, doing nothing but trying to provide emotional support and holding out pee. We deserve a trophy.



This new baby is going to have a lot of work to do getting his dad on his side after all the business he put Cody's wife through. These babies have no respect.


The bright side of this is that she is preparing Cody for life with a newborn by keeping him awake via endless screaming.

Clean Him Up

That baby finally made his way out, and first thing's first: clean that thing up. Have you seen a freshly hatched human baby? It's a hot mess.

The Newborn

Look at this cute fella. Hopefully his father will forgive him for putting his wife through so much pain. I'm sure they'll find a way to eventually put it behind them.

People Can Relate

Plenty of moms in the comments can relate to a dad trying to have some fun with child birth. One woman said her husband insisted on going to Krispy Kreme after dropping his wife at the hospital. We all have priorities.

He Thinks He's Funny

His wife, Becky, seems to have taken this all in stride -- I imagine you'd have to be used to this sort of thing given her husband's sense of humor.

Happy and Healthy

The proud mom posted a photo of their beautiful boy a few days after he was born, saying his first doctor's appointment went well and that he's happy and healthy.

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