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Video Shows Dad 'Defending Son From Bullies' By Choking A Boy And Throwing Another

Police are investigating after a man was filmed allegedly assaulting a group of kids at a skate park in New South Wales.

No Good Reason For This

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Witnesses say the man was retaliating after his son was bullied by the kids. But of course, that doesn't make it right.

Police Investigating

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The incident escalated after the group of boys allegedly chased the dad's son up the street, according to police. The boy later came back to the park, with his father, and that's when the assaults happened. The Daily Mail, which also posted the video, says the Richmond Police District is investigating the incident.

'Pick On Someone Your Own Size'??

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The video, which was posted on Facebook and Daily Mail appears to show a man putting a choke hold on a child, then throwing a scooter high in the air.

Clearly It Was a Chokehold

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Then the man runs over to another child, who's backing away from him. The man then pushed the boy, who fell down a half-pipe.

Dad Tossed Their Scooters

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Then he throws another scooter, which lands far outside the skate park.

Bullying Is Never the Answer

Yes, it's wrong for kids to bully other kids. Just let them be and do your own thing. But kids learn about things from other kids, parents, and other adults and authority figures.

The kids may have seen someone else getting bullied and thought, "hey, that looks like fun."

Some of those kids grew up to be adults like this man, who thought he could just go in and do the same thing and not face repercussions.

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