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15 Creepy Confessions Friends Told One Another

When you have close friends, you tend to share just about everything with them. Sharing secrets with your friends is not something out of the ordinary.

But while we love to share our secrets with our friends, sometimes we might not realize that what we're confessing might be straight-up creepy. The reverse can happen too! Our closest friends can surprise us with some revelations.

Bragging about their ability to lie and manipulate people.

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crazynekosama said they had a close friend who bragged to him about how much he was able to lie and get away with it, and that he was an expert at manipulating people. As a friend of someone who thinks that about themselves, you have to wonder if you made the right call being friends with them.

A group of guys placed bets on who could bag her first.

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bad2thebean shared that in college she had a group of guy friends that whom she thought she had a good platonic relationship with. Years later, one of the guys told her (while drunk) that the group of guys had an ongoing bet in college to see who would be able to sleep with her first. Disgusting.

Wanting to be just like her.

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"She went into the same field as me, she wore the same clothes as me, did her hair the same way as me. She would get her nails the same color and would do just little things that I didn’t view as odd until she made the comment about my children being in her," shared HangoversKill.

Keeping weird "mementos" from her kids.

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tempestan99 said a friend of hers had kids who were all born with extra toes, for some strange reason. They had to be surgically removed so that they had 10 toes. Instead of letting the doctors throw them away, she kept all of them in a memento box. Uh.... ok.

Just too much.

college classs
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jae_bae shared that she had met a guy in a college summer class she was taking and he said he was struggling to make friends. She invited him out to a gathering with other people, and then things got weird. He said he was having relationship issues and wouldn't be able to trust himself around her if he attended. I'm sorry, what?

People just sometimes can't hold back.

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"A regular guy at a bar I often go to once confessed to me that sometimes when he’s out strolling and needs to poop, he’ll just squat down between two cars and do his business. He is a chemics Professor at a pretty good uni in a capital European city," said kroxxii.

This is scary.

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SpitsLikeALlama said she caught one of her friends "collecting" pieces of her hair. While it sounds like just a weird fetish, it turns out he told her he was going to use it to eventually clone her and make a mini version of her.

Threw a whole family out of their home.

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"My best friend once told me that when he was in middle school, he started getting bullied by a guy in his class. He told his mom and she and his grandmother teamed up to find out where this bully lived. They saw that they rented their house, so they decided to buy the house from the renter and they kicked the boys family out of the house," said SydThatsIt.

Creepy compliments.

middle school
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tealeavesinapot said a friend of hers told her that he "liked how she looked" because she hadn't changed since they first met. They had first met in the 7th grade, which makes her look like she's way underage. I don't know how I'd feel about that.

She faked being sick for attention.

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"A friend told me she faked a month of mono by dosing herself with codeine daily in order to gain sympathy from a mutual friend of ours. She confessed she was jealous that this friend was spending more time with me than her and wanted to redirect the attention to herself," said Confident_Try_9824.

Human skin lamps.

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Tiny-Mountain5533 said in elementary school she went to a friend's house and they were playing in her basement. The friend said that the lampshade was made out of human skin. At first, she didn't believe it but then she learned more about it and it was true.

Age differences matter.

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peanutj00 said that when she was only 17-years-old, her 30-year-old friend said that he had a huge crush on her. Understandably, that really weirded her out and made her uncomfortable.

So disrespectful.

car crash
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"I had a friend tell me that her friend “John” lost his fiancée in a car accident. She said she comforted him in his loss and they became really close…very close. They ended up hooking up shortly after she died and she straight-faced said that she was grateful that his fiancée died so she could have him. I have never been so disgusted in my life. Never spoke to her again," said PM_ME_UR_FROST_TROLL.

Straight up this is wrong.

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ilikethisplanet said her ex-fiancé told her he was going to remove her IUD so that he could get her pregnant. Clearly, this is wrong because it's a woman's choice as well, not just her partner's choice, to have a child.

Stalking much?

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"My daughter's friend's father straight up told me that he sneaks around at night and peeps into the windows of his kids' friends' parents.

This was years ago. I had pushed it from my mind, until last night I suddenly remembered and mentioned it to my husband, who said, 'Yeah! I caught him doing it,'" said C-Nor.