18 Times Celebrity Families Acted Together On-Screen

Kasia Mikolajczak
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Celebrities are sure lucky, especially when they get to bring their kids to the movie set. But it's even more special when those family ties extend to acting together on the silver screen.

There are a few fortunate instances where we were able to witness that. So I'm going to run through a few such examples of families acting together. Check it out.

Henry And Jane Fonda

On Golden Pond cast

I'm such a huge fan of both Henry and Jane Fonda. They're both stellar actors in their own right. So it was a lucky break that found Jane acting alongside her famous dad on the set of On Golden Pond. Henry Fonda passed away a few months after the film was released,

Jerry And Ben Stiller

scene from Zoolander

When you have two comedians in the family you might as well put them together, huh? Well, that's exactly what father Jerry and son Ben Stiller got to do on two separate occasions. They both appeared together in Zoolander and the Heartbreak Kid.

Demi Moore And Rumer Willis

scene from Striptease
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Mom Demi Moore and daughter Rumer Willis shared the screen together numerous times. The first time we saw them was on the set of Now and Then, where Rumer played the younger sister of Sam, and Demi portrayed Sam as an adult. Then, Rumer played Demi's daughter in Striptease.

Kurt Russell And Kate Hudson

split screen of Kurt Russel and Kate Hudson in Deepwater Horizon

Kate Hudson grew up hanging out on the set of her stepfather's movies. That's how she fell in love with the craft. But the two of them didn't get a chance to act together in a movie until 2016 when they both appeared in Deepwater Horizon.

Billie Lourd And Carrie Fisher

Billie Lourd's film debut just happened to be Star Wars: The Force Awakens, where her mom Carrie Fisher reprised her role as Princess Leia. They also both appeared in The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker.

Will And Willow Smith

Will Smith and Willow Smith in I Am Legend

Young Willow Smith got to share the screen with her famous dad in I Am Legend. I bet it must've been so nice to have your child with you while shooting a movie. What a lucky dad.

Will Smith And Jaden Smith

Will and Jaden Smith
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Speaking of Will Smith, not only did he get to spend time with his daughter on set, but he shared the screen with his son Jaden as well. The two acted in The Pursuit Of Happyness and then reunited in After Earth.

Meryl Streep And Mamie Gummer

Rick and the Flash
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Let's talk about another family connection, and that is Meryl Streep And Mamie Gummer. The mother and daughter duo got to act alongside each other on a few occasions. Mamie made her onscreen debut in Heartburn and later acted with mom in the fun rock 'n' roll movie Ricki & the Flash.

Leslie Mann And Daughters Iris And Maude Apatow

scene from Knocked Up 

For Leslie Mann, it's really a family affair when it comes to acting in movies. Both of her daughters appeared with her in numerous films. For example, they were both in Knocked Up and reprised their characters in This Is 40. By the way, both movies were directed by Leslie's husband, Judd Apatow.

Diane Ladd And Laura Dern

split screen of Diane Ladd and Laura Dern in Rambling Rose

Here's another amazing mother-daughter duo who got to act together on various TV shows and movies. Diane Ladd and Laura Dern both starred in Wild at Heart and Rambling Rose. Those sets do look like they were quite interesting experiences.

Melanie Griffith And Dakota Johnson

Crazy In Alabama DVD setup

Dakota's film debut was actually Crazy in Alabama, where she got to act alongside her mom Melanie Griffith. And her half-sister Stella Banderas was in the movie as well. Talking about a family affair, huh?

Melanie Griffith And Tippi Hedren

scene from Roar

Speaking of Melanie Griffith, she too got to experience acting alongside her mom Tippi Hedren. Both of them appeared in the movie Roar in 1981. Wow, that's a long time ago, huh? I have to watch that one.

Sylvester And Sage Stallone

Rocky V

If you're a fan of the Rocky movies as I am, then you already knew that Sylvester Stallone's real-life son appeared in Rocky V, playing his character's son Rocky Balboa Jr. Sadly, Sage Stallone passed away in 2012 from a heart attack.

Jon Voight And Angelina Jolie

scene from Lookin' To Get Out

Most of us know that famous duo Angeline Jolie and dad Jon Voight finally reunited on the silver screen in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. But did you know that Jolie actually starred alongside dad in Lookin' To Get Out when she was only a child?

Gwyneth Paltrow And Blythe Danner

The mother-daughter duo teamed up for the biopic Sylvia where Gwyneth Played the titular character Sylvia Plath, and Blythe played her mother, Aurelia Plath. I bet that was so much fun for both of them, huh?

Susan Sarandon And Eva Amurri

scene from The Banger Sisters

This fearless mother and daughter have appeared together not once but a total of six times. Wow! The first time it was on the set of Dead Man Walking, back in 1995. And the last time, was in 2016 in the movie Mothers and Daughters. Isn't that amazing or what? They also played mother and daughter in The Banger Sisters.

Andie MacDowell And Margaret Qualley

scene from Maid TV show

It can be hard to portray a complicated mother and daughter relationship on screen. But can you imagine acting alongside your own mom? That's exactly what Margaret Qualley and mom Andie MacDowell get to do in the TV show Maid. I actually had no idea they were related, haha.

Angelina Jolie And Vivienne Jolie-Pitt

youtube | Walt Disney Pictures

I have to admit I am yet to see Maleficent, so I had no idea that Angelina Jolie and her daughter Vivienne joined together on the screen. Vivienne played young Aurora. Ah, now I want to see this movie even more. Apparently, she got the part because she was the only child who wasn't afraid of seeing Angelina in her costume, ha, ha.

Don't you love seeing these family members acting together?

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I think it brings a fun dynamic to the set. I'm sure it was so educational for those kids to learn hands-on straight from their talented parents. And I'm sure the parents enjoyed sharing the screen with their offspring. Which dynamic duo is your favorite?