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15+ Brilliant Ideas That Have A Little Heart And A Lot Of Smarts

We humans are a clever bunch. When we're at our best, we're also a compassionate bunch. When creativity meets altruistic concern for others, the results can be pretty impressive indeed.

Watch out.

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Gift cards are more than the perfect present for someone you don't know very well. They're also the target of all sorts of scams. This retailer recognizes this and warns shoppers accordingly.

Help is on its way.

Reddit | JimboJimJimmy

The elevator in my building has an 'alarm' button that rings a bell and does nothing more. This elevator is not only more technologically advanced, it even includes a reassuring note for anyone who gets trapped.

One-stop shop.

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I didn't realize this was a thing, but apparently, in South Korea, cakes are sold in a particularly well-equipped manner. This cake comes with its own knife, complete with a hidden compartment for matches and candles.

Fix 'er up.

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Cyclists know that all sorts of little things can go wrong with a bike. Though these problems are often easy to fix, they require tools. This university has a bike repair station conveniently located on campus.

Thanks, gramps.

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This is such a lovely idea. Anyone who's lost beloved grandparents knows what it's like to wish they were still around. With this method, it's easy to relive those special times.

The future is here.

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College students know that pizza isn't a privilege, it's a right. This college recognizes this and has given students everything they've always dreamed of: a fully automated fleet of quick-service pizza delivery drones.

He's back, and he quacks.

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These kinds of stories always melt my heart. Just like humans, lots of animals need a little prosthetic help to make life easier. You can tell this prosthetic foot was made with care.

Like it was made for it.

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Going through airport security with an illicit item usually means you'll lose that item. But at this Japanese airport, agents are already prepared with boxes to safely stow those items for the flight.

Full circle.

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The guy in the middle has quite a story to tell. For years, he was dependent on drugs. Now, three years sober, he's giving back to his community by teaching these kids the ways of the mechanic life.


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Airport lounges are like purgatory: you're just kind of stuck there indefinitely. At JFK in New York, the lounge is equipped with this modern art piece that doubles as instructions for making a paper airplane.

Good guy.

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It's always embarrassing when someone you're with makes a scene in public. This guy felt so badly about his mom's treatment of an employee that he went back to make things right.

Make more connections.

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Kids can pick up sign language pretty easily, so it's a no-brainer to teach them a few of the basics, especially if they have hearing-impaired classmates. This playground makes things even more accessible.

Life goals.

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"Every Thursday morning my little nephew waits for the garbage man to arrive so he can help," wrote the submitter of this post. "Today they brought him a WM hat to wear."

"Yes, we're serious."

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I love not just the idea of this climate-controlled dog house, but also the language on the sides. It totally spells out the whole idea for anyone wondering what the heck they're looking at.

A helping hand.

Reddit | qu1etmast3rmind

For people who are down on their luck, it becomes increasingly hard to pull themselves back up — often for reasons as simple as not having job interview clothes. This laundromat is truly doing a good thing here.

All-terrain strollers.

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Parents know that some strollers are up for the job of off-roading, while others aren't. This baby store helpfully provides different types of terrain so shoppers can test out different strollers.

Teacher of the year.

Reddit | drizzyjaay

The person who posted this explains that they recently moved out of their toxic household during their senior year in high school. Their teacher clearly has a huge heart.

Choo choo!

Reddit | xX_coochiemonster_Xx

This intricate train, made entirely of Pepsi cans, was made by a creative grandmother for her grandkids. It looks like a major cutting hazard, but at the end of the day, it's the thought that counts.

Never grow up.

Reddit | janemder

This card is truly awesome. It's more than just a birthday greeting because the front has three honest-to-goodness finger puppets incorporated. The best part? This was given to someone for their 27th birthday.

Must be some t-shirt.

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Sure, the discount was only four cents, but I heartily applaud any establishment that puts little Easter eggs into its POS system to reward customers who are especially awesome.

Canned water? Canned water.

Reddit | Yasimear

Bottled water is so ubiquitous that, despite concerns about single-use plastics, we can still see bottles of water everywhere. Here's a can of water. It might seem weird, but the can itself explains why it's a good idea.

Speaking of plastics...

Reddit | adrianalemur

This intricate train is made entirely out of used plastic bottles. It's a great visualization of how plastics can add up. It's also better to put plastics into a fun project, rather than dumping them into the oceans.


Reddit | Abraxyn

Ping pong (sorry, table tennis) tables are a good way to occupy yourself when you're working through a problem. This table in Germany kicks things up a notch by introducing a wild new dynamic.


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Look, I realize this amplifier is probably the same as the ones that only go up to 10. But still, people want their amps to go to 11. Finally, manufacturers are listening.

Word to the wise.

Reddit | NICO_999

While women deal with more sexual harassment in general, things can go the other way as well. This poster points this out, along with providing some examples of the ways men can be harassed.

A rose that'll last.

Reddit | pandatacocowboy

Welders are capable of creating all sorts of wizardry in their workshops. This rose, for a welder's mom's birthday, is one of the more interesting (and heartwarming) welding projects I've seen.

For that vintage aesthetic.

Reddit | Mr_PoodlePants

For anyone who's nostalgic for the old days of computers, back when the internet barely worked and floppy disks were king, this desk caddy provides a unique way to pay tribute to the era.

That's a lot!

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I have no idea how this calculation came about, but it's pretty mindblowing to think that one humble pen could literally write a lengthy book before it runs dry.

Waste not, want not.

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If you look at the rim of this pho bowl, you'll notice that it has some irregular shapes. That's because this restaurant sands away jagged edges when their bowls get chipped, allowing them to be reused.

The extra mile.

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"Our realtor painted a mug of our dogs when we moved in," wrote the Redditor who posted this. That's pretty awesome — most realtors just send you a cheap Christmas card every year.