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Ashley Graham Nearly Died Giving Birth To Her Twins

Ashley Graham is known for her modeling career, her approach to body positivity, and now for being an amazing mother. And while fans love to watch her post adorable and uplifting posts on Instgram, what they might not have known is that the model nearly died giving birth to her twins Roman and Malachi.

She recently wrote a touching piece for Glamour magazine about the experience she had during her birthing process.

Ashley Graham is opening up about her near-death experience.

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In a new essay for Glamour she told readers that the birth of her twins Roman and Malachi (which initially took place in the bathtub in her apartment) nearly ended with her own death.

“At first we were all celebrating."

"We couldn’t believe that my labor lasted just three and a half hours, and I was feeling so incredibly grateful to this team of skilled, intelligent, and trained professionals around me, who were there for me when I had Isaac, and were now with me again for the twins,” she recalled.

But shortly after, she felt her vision change and start to fake to black.

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“The next thing you know, I looked at my midwife and I said, ‘I don’t feel good. I think I need to lay down,’ and I blacked out,” Graham said.

“All I can remember is feeling a light touch on my cheek, which I found out later was actually somebody smacking the crap out of my cheek,"

"Someone holding my hand, my husband Justin [Ervin] in my ear, praying, and someone jabbing me with a needle in my arm. And I remember seeing darkness and what seemed like stars.”

The next thing she knew, she was bleeding everywhere, her family watching her.

She was in and out, and everyone around her was working to try and save her life. “They didn’t want to tell me, right then, that I’d lost liters of blood." she said.

"They didn’t want to tell me that one of the midwives had to flip me over, press her finger down right above my vagina bone to try and stop the bleeding."

Ashley Graham posing in front of a window overlooking the city wearing a hot pink and white dress
instagram | ashleygraham

"And they didn’t want to tell me that the vein in my arm kept collapsing and they couldn’t get the needle in for the Pitocin, so they’d had to put it in my hand.”

“I tell you all of this—in pretty unflinching detail—because I believe in the importance of honesty,"

"In revealing things about myself that I hope will help others talk about what they too have been through,” she explained in the essay.

“But also because, like so many women, what I went through with childbirth has reshaped my relationship with my body,"

"And I say this knowing that I am the person who has been shouting from the rooftops to you all, ‘Love the skin you’re in.'”

We are so happy that Graham is in a good, healthy place now and that she and her family are thriving!

H/T: Glamour