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15+ People Who Put A Lot Of Thought Into Their Fascinating Creations

I've never been a particularly crafty guy, but I have seen the impressive results of those who are actually good with their hands.

There is something satisfying about being able to say you made something yourself, and it's even more satisfying when you leave others mystified as to how you did it.

This can be something artistic or functional, but it hits the perfect heights if it was done well and approached in an interesting way.

While there's no telling what the next magnum opus will look like, these fascinating creations are some seriously tough acts to follow.

Based on this chandelier, it looks like one restaurant found a fun way to show that they take food seriously.

Reddit | Almarrio

It may be a little hard to tell from the photo alone, but it's made almost entirely from kitchen utensils.

I've seen some skilled pumpkin carvings in my time, but it's not often that something this ambitious comes along.

Reddit | manbearslothy

Painting a smaller white pumpkin to go inside the "eyelid" of the larger orange one was a stroke of genius.

The uploader said this is the door they enter to get to work and I can only wonder who blessed them with this incredible door.

Reddit | mcdofras

What we do know was that this was carved by hand, which means it must have taken incredible precision and more time than I'd want to spend on anything.

It's already easy to be wowed by some of things people come up with when they're full-sized, but the smaller they get, the harder they look to pull off.

Reddit | abh4500

Take, for instance, this incredible little train that artist Cindy Chinn made out of a construction pencil.

Sometimes, a piece doesn't need to exist in the form of a physical model to make an impression.

Reddit | downwarddawg

Such examples aren't always easy to recognize, but the fact that this person was able to draw up an architectural diagram of their childhood Blockbuster Video from memory is definitely worth celebrating.

It looks like someone's been improving this stop sign post with a special crocheted design.

Reddit | awkward_zoo

Aside from ensuring that nobody gets their tongue stuck on it, it's kind of unclear why they're doing that, but it definitely looks nice.

People will either love or hate this, but they can't deny the creativity that went into it.

Reddit | jousty

In case it's not clear what exactly you're looking at, this is a "Cake" that's actually made of sausages and mashed potatoes.

Weird, huh?

Sometimes, it's all about finding a creative use for something that would otherwise just take up space.

Reddit | Toplito

It seems likely that this Geo Metro doesn't run anymore, but that doesn't mean it can't work as a handy little trailer.

Unless you're trying to dress like the Grim Reaper, there's not a lot of demand for a scythe nowadays.

Reddit | Mike91444

So when this person found themselves in need of one, they elected to make it themselves. They also said it's a lot lighter in the weight department than it looks.

Some games demand 100% of your attention all the time, but others have periods when you can get along OK as long as you hold one button down.


This person happened to find that this was true about the Trader Distance Missions in the online part of Red Dead Redemption 2, so they built this device to hold their X button down while they go do other stuff.

A standard dog house didn't suit the needs of these two huskies, so their owner made them a whole dog palace.

Reddit | zombiemaster823

It's unclear what this super house is decked out with, but we do know that it's comprised of three floors.

Sometimes, we don't even mean to be crafty when we come up with something neat.

Reddit | packodiablo

When this carrot slice fell on the floor, the uploader figured that if they put it on a blue sponge, it would look like the Colorado state flag.

All it needs is a big stripe going across the center.

This sign may seem kind of ridiculous, but the size of this garden makes it all the more important.

Reddit | xSkiesRage

After all, it's tiny enough that it would be pretty easy to step on it without realizing it's there and that would be terrible.

That's one use for rubber chickens, I suppose.

Reddit | [deleted]

But to be honest, can anything think of anything better to use them for?

In Iceland, as long as you can draw a decent map, you can send a letter.

Reddit | 9wl_f9

You don't have to write the address. A hand-drawn map will do just fine, and you can be sure your letter will reach its destination.

This is a really innovative way to help dementia patients stay hydrated.

Reddit | BeaufordTeeJustice

This gentleman invented "edible water" that looks just like candy, which people suffering from dementia can take to ensure they stay nice and hydrated.

Sometimes the usual Jack-O-Lantern face isn't for everyone.

Reddit | memezzer

This is some next-level pumpkin carving and I'm honestly impressed anyone had the patience to actually sit down and create a whole scene on their pumpkin.

Look, no one likes getting their feet wet and sometimes you just don't have rubber boots on hand.

Reddit | minbulous

But if you happen to have some tape and two plastic buckets, this lady knows the perfect way to keep your toes nice and dry.

But if your shoes are already wet to begin with...

Reddit | lyricalwillow

This handy-dandy set up can dry them in a flash. And it looks hilarious in the process, so this is definitely a win-win all around.

When you get feeling snackish for some banana bread but don't have the right pan on hand.

Reddit | kneesleevetank

I personally love these sort of DIY tips because it just goes to show you don't have to spend a bunch of money to fill your kitchen with an array of pans. Just one big one will do perfectly fine.

Okay, some kid out there has some pretty rad parents if they allowed this in their driveway.

Reddit | sloshncrunch

Why go to the skate park when you can have an entire skate park in your front yard? Righteous.

This is what happens when the teacher says you can bring a cheat sheet into the exam.

Reddit | m_and_m_

As long as you have a really, really good pair of glasses and a steady hand, you can basically bring in all your study notes. Genius, really.

It's really a shame when a good bowl is ruined by unfortunate chips in the porcelain.

Reddit | jlespins22

But this restaurant makes use of their chipped dishware and simply smooths out the rough edges to create some stylish new bowls.

This is a really great way to make use of a tight space with some big pictures.

Reddit | FatGordon

I'm still not entirely sure how they did this, though I assume there was some crafty work involved in creating a picture frame that wraps around a corner in a restaurant.

Oh, you think all squirrels just put their nuts in trees?

Reddit | Scoutmac22

This particularly squirrel got creative and put a hollow stop sign to good use. Although, I'm not sure it's really thought this plan all the way through... how exactly will it get those nuts back out?

Oh, you carved a pumpkin? That's cute. This person caved a pumpkin INTO a pumpkin.

Reddit | Vsilpher2

I know Halloween is over but can we please all take a moment to appreciate this artistry because wow.

I'm not sure why this tree had to be shaped into a cube but the result is pretty incredible.

Reddit | Uskebasi1996

Spotted in Sevilla, this gorgeous tree definitely requires some meticulous upkeep to make sure it keeps its perfect shape.

No, this isn't just another beautiful necklace like you've seen so many times before.

Reddit | MYLF

The beads on this particular piece of jewelry actually spells out "Sarah" in Morse Code so even a blind woman can appreciate wearing her name around her neck.

Yes, trust me, I'm well aware that Halloween is 100% over.

Reddit | ScoffingCactus

But I still think we should give some appreciation to these fun Halloween-y pictures, like this burger bun that a restaurant meticulously branded with a cute little Jack-O-Lantern face.

No no, this picture definitely belongs in this list. Trust me.

Reddit | Claramenterubia

What you're looking at here is a 3D printed Shrek Buda. Why? Well, let me answer your question with another question: why not?

This restaurant is making sure nothing goes to waste.

Reddit | CatDust

That's an old, empty milk carton being used as a takeaway tray. Reduce, reuse, recycle, people!

It's unclear why this fallen, giant tree trunk was craved into a set of stairs.

Reddit | RiGuy2424

But I'm assuming that it's helping hikers climb over some pretty tricky terrain which is actually very cool and also very thoughtful.

If you're having a bit of a stressful day, please take a moment and appreciate this picture.

Reddit | not-lit

It'll soothe all your worries and fears and make you feel just a little bit better about things. Plus, it's just supremely satisfying to look at, so there's that.

Someone in this Indigo store thought they were being very clever.

Reddit | Fortifier

Oh, and I totally agree. What a perfect place for a single, red balloon - right over the Stephen King section. Amazing.

If you've never looked up hydro dripping before, I suggest you do because it's actually pretty cool.

Reddit | viewoplays

This is a PS4 controller someone hydro dripped, making for a supremely awesome look that I'm sure definitely improves their gaming experience overall.

No more pinched fingers on this swing set!

Reddit | butternutsquish

These chains have plugs in between each link so you don't have to worry about your kids (or yourself) getting your precious digits stuck or pinched in them again.

It's pretty obvious that nothing in this birdbath is "real," but it may take a second to realize it's all made from Lego.

Reddit | Frostmarkk

Somebody definitely found an interesting way to accentuate their botanical gardens, but I wonder how much real bird poop it'll end up collecting?

It probably takes at least a second glance to realize what the 13-year-old artist responsible for this did here.

Reddit | sintersizer

One might mistake this for a discolored leaf at first, but it also serves as the skyline for a couple's moonlit scene.

It may not be as easy to carry as a regular business card, but it's hard to beat this kind of promotion.

Reddit | spydervenom

As you might have guessed from the materials that went into it, the person who gives these out works at a glass factory.

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