12+ Dog Memes For Pet Parents With The Catchphrase: 'What Are You Chewing?’

Where would the internet be without our pets and the glorious memes that they bestow on us? Probably full of a lot more useful and productive material, but where would be the fun in that?!

If you own a dog, then you probably find yourself gushing over dog memes on the internet, when you're not fighting to get whatever it is that your dog is eating out of their mouth that is! So, with that in mind, here are 12+ dog memes for pet parents with the catchphrase: "What are you chewing?"

*Ominous Piano Sounds*


You know that as you devour your fancy, fancy human food, they are plotting your slow and painful demise. Until they get their food that is and they completely forget about it.

You Came Back For Me!

I hate having to go back into the house once I've left, just because I know my dog is going to get all super excited and I end up having to explain to whoever I was meant to meet that I can't leave for undisclosed fluffy reasons.

Who's A Good Boy?

Either that or that dog has just let off one hell of a boff and it's waiting for it to hit you.

The Eyes Of Showeron

Did you get my Lord of The Rings joke? Did you? Did you get it? Let me know if you got it! Excited puppy noises

"Let's take a picture with the dog they said, it will be fun they said"

Reddit | flandersgreatest

Taken a split second before that man felt a pain like no other, and the world fell silent at the feet of his bloodcurdling screams.

*Fluffy Ticking Sounds*

You're meant to smell out the explosives, not eat them you silly goose!

I. Am. Iron Man.

Instagram | miniwoofers

"Let's face it, this is not the worst thing you've caught me doing."

Bring Your Dog To Work Day


"Excuse me, can I please speak to your supervisor?"

Dinner Date

It is quite unsettling that apparently most people's dogs eat better than I do. I really need to start buying better food.

Eating Rainbows

This dog clearly took those Skittles adverts a little too literally.


Reddit | BurnedLasagna

Yes, there really is nothing like food that makes you vomit afterward, that is always the signifier of a great meal!


Parties are always a let down anyway! Dogs, on the other hand, they're always amazing!

Never Split Up And Search For Clues

I hate it when my dog decides to follow me into the bathroom, I just find it so unsettling.

No, Seriously, Never Split The Party

Why some dogs act like magnets with their humans while others couldn't care less will always remain a mystery.

The Costumes Fiasco

I used to hate it if you didn't realize it was own-clothes day at our high school, and you turn up in uniform and radiate the same energy as this dog all day.

On High Alert

Instagram | @dogsbeingbasic

If they didn't loudly tell us that everything is going to be okay, how else would we know? Jeez. We should be more grateful.

The Philosophy Of Playing

Reddit | JAJAD9445

My dog's favorite game is holding one end of a string of plastic sausages while you hold the other end with neither of you pulling on it. I think he just likes the idea of being connected, boring game though.

"Hiding From The Bite-y Puppies"

Reddit | Tahiticguy

I bet every parent everywhere can relate to this tired mama.

With Friends Like These

Instagram | @dogsbeingbasic

My new rule is that if friends want to visit my dogs, they have to come to me. And bring snacks.

"No you can't have it"

Reddit | darkshreaders2

I mean, you know for a fact that you're going to end up giving them one though.

"Please give me the last yum slice..."

Pulling the tray out of reach like that is pure evil and you know it.

Needle In A Haystack

I need to try this with my ball-obsessed dog. Though he's also lazy and doesn't like to work for his fun.


Socks. It's always socks.

But We Can Never Be Sure

Twitter | @dog_daddy

Why is my dog suddenly having tummy trouble? Probably ate something gross in the yard that I really don't want to know about.

What Are They Up To?

It's just because mail is so damn tasty! It's like crack, and dogs will do anything for doggo crack!

"Let's see how you like it!"

Instagram | @dogsbeingbasic

I'm lucky that my dogs are pretty good about chewing only their toys, but one of them did destroy my glasses once as a tantrum while I was in the shower.

Favorite Toys

This makes me wonder what came first: my dog's obsession with chasing squirrels or the many squirrel-themed toys I gave him as a puppy.


Twitter | @mynameisntdave

Dogs are happy to eat anything and everything unless it's medicine for their own good. Then suddenly they become very adept at fighting back.

Everything Is A Gift

Twitter | @paetonmathes

To be fair, no matter how big the bed actually was, he'd still sleep hanging off of it. It's what dogs do.

Miss You Too

Reddit | Ketameme69

I'm not crying; you're crying.

To be fair, as I write this a doggo is curled up with his head on the edge of my laptop, so I may be primed for feels.

Helping Hand

Tumblr | adventures-of-bird

Yeah, pretty much exactly like this.

If I work on the couch, the dogs compete for my attention with the laptop. If I work at my desk, I don't get to cuddle with cute dogs. Catch-22.

He's Not Fat; He's Fluffy

Instagram | @dogsbeingbasic

I went through this recently with my doggos' last haircuts before winter. Even though I know there's a tiny dog under there, it's always a surprise.

How Do They Know?

I pack a suitcase of overnight bag only a couple of times per year, and yet somehow the dogs always know that the luggage means I'm abandoning them forever.

Wholesome Bathroom Notes

Twitter | @Bobbutterbutt

I think this is part of why pet cameras have become such a big thing. It's not that we think the animals are up to something, but we just want to peek in on them while we toil at work.

Once a puppy, always a puppy.

Instagram | @dogsbeingbasic

Perhaps that's why people took to the term "pupper" so quickly. That way you can love all puppers without dealing with those people who get picky about the age at which you have to call a puppy a dog.

Doggo Life Hack

Instagram | @dogsbeingbasic

The spoon is also cheaper than any fancy product companies may try to sell to people with escape artists for dogs.

"Don’t share the Scooby Snacks"


I like to think of it as the dog's equivalent of going out for a meal. I mean, they're not going to eat their snack in the kitchen with the chef, they need to find their nice table to enjoy it.

Never Stop Throwing Balls

Instagram | sadiguana

Nothing will kill a dog's resolve when it comes to excitement and enthusiasm, and that's why they're the most pure creatures on the planet.

How Did You Know?!

It's just that I'm a seriously good multitasker who can get all her work done and cuddle my dogs.