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15+ Weird Pics That Were More Fascinating Than We Expected

It's easy to get scrolling on your news feed and not pause until something particularly strange or colorful grabs your interest, and even then, how often do you just glance at it once and then keep right on scrolling?

Well, if you look a bit deeper, sometimes you can find something downright fascinating.

Not only are not all carrots orange, they're not even all one color.

Reddit | RanchDogTheBand

Obviously we're all more familiar with the orange ones, but carrots came in purple and yellow varieties long before orange came along.

Yes, vegetables can actually be attractive.

Reddit | Sasmand

As much as they're for eating, you could definitely get lost just staring at the growth pattern of Romanesco, which looks like tightly-packed broccoli or cauliflower that spirals forever, a naturally formed fractal.

Who knew gummies were so absorbent?

Reddit | user_name_denied

One home scientist decided to perform an experiment and see what happens when you soak a gummy worm in water for a day. Here you go: one swole gummy worm. It probably didn't taste the same, but then, it might still be a good option for those who want to stay hydrated but don't want to give up flavor altogether.

Just some real grass trying to blend in with the turf.

Reddit | ValleyOfTheYalls

As has been said before and will be said again, life, ah, finds a way. Sometimes it even picks the perfect spot to find a way.

You've heard of hammerhead sharks, but how about hammerhead bats?

As odd as they look, and as large as they are — they're the biggest bats in Africa, and that's saying something — they're nothing to fear for humans because they only eat fruit.

The things you don't realize.

Reddit | prankulsingh

Nothing makes all the cleaning you've been putting off show up quite like soot in the air. In particular, it will gather on cobwebs, creating this goth-y mess.

This kitchen counter is a cleaner's dream.

Reddit | DuzNotCompute

That's not the sun hitting it at the right angle — it lights up from below. No excuse not to find the hidden grime on this counter!

Not your ordinary piano.

Reddit | AbdelLezze

And it doesn't look like it, either, but it's pretty hard to hide the fact that it's made from concrete. Great if you don't want anyone to run off with it, I suppose, although pianos are generally heavy enough in the first place. Makes me wonder how it sounds, too.

So, geckos are translucent.

Reddit | _zatoichi

Well, sort of. Enough that you can see their organs when they're well lit, anyway, as this pic proves. I wonder what a gecko would look like on that lit counter top!

This artwork makes bonus artwork.

Reddit | tigat2000

If you look on the ground below, you'll see a spiral pattern in the grass — it grows only where the sunlight shines, obviously, so the shadier areas are left brown and bare.

The familial connection here is...different.

Reddit | Back1nYesterdays

But still noticeable! The genetics for their litter must have done some interesting things, because their eyes are opposites from each other.

This fossil comes with a twist.

Reddit | hobowhite

And no, not just the twist it was born with — instead of just being made of rock, it has been fossilized with pyrite, also known as fool's gold.

This tiger now has a gold tooth.

Reddit | Here-For-The-Comment

I have to say, tiger dentistry would look great on a resume, but not something I would actually want to perform. One brave veterinarian stepped up, however, replacing this beast's damaged canine with a gold fang, and it's pretty amazing.

Just goes to show, medication can indeed be effective.

Reddit | jadedflames

As the uploader noted, the drawings and doodles above the green line were made without ADHD medication, and below it were made while taking medication.

So, that's a scorcher of a summer.

Reddit | acvalenz

"Had a blanket cover my window during the summer months in Phoenix," wrote the uploader. "Removed the blanket today to discover my blinds had melted."


This is just one cat.

Reddit | RespectMyAuthoriteh

The cat just happens to have vitiligo, causing its fur to lose pigmentation. The three images show how the condition has progressed over three years.

For a few years, people in New Jersey had this surreal view.

Reddit | jackfusco

The Star Jet roller coaster was claimed by the sea after Hurricane Sandy in 2012. It sat off shore, just like this, until it was dismantled and removed in 2013.

This is why your sweaters are amazing.

Reddit | blaewoo1

Unless you're allergic to wool, because this is a Merino sheep, from which we get the warmest, and least itchy, sweaters and socks.

Just when you thought shower head technology had reached its peak.

Reddit | sephresx

Something like this comes along, that's at least a game-changer aesthetically, if not in actual performance.

Nature's night light.

Reddit | ezquir3

Some mushrooms, like foxfire here, glow in the dark due to an enzyme called luciferase. How cool is that?

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