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Students Reveal Their Schools’ Biggest Scandals

When you're at school, rumors and scandals spread like wildfire— and the more outrageous, the faster they spread. However, more often than not, school scandals are no laughing matter and can massively impact people's lives.

One Reddit user decided to find out what all the biggest school scandals were in one fell swoop by posing r/AskReddit the question, "Students of Reddit, what was your school's big scandal?"

So, with your permission, I would like to take you through some of the biggest school scandals that have graced the internet.

Spreading Photos

Instagram | @planonit.kw

"This one teacher at my highschool had nudes on her iPad and let a student borrow it for homework, he went to her photos app and sent them around." — sharkbait_h00

That is a horrific thing to do to someone. Although, I don't know why a teacher would give a student an iPad to take home with them, especially if it is a personal one as well.

Chainsaw Murders

Instagram | @nicolas459003

"This was 10 years ago. My first day of high school, I get home after school and my mom is watching the news. A senior killed his social worker with a chainsaw and then stabbed his mom a couple times. After that, he went for a walk and listened to music. They caught him all bloody and everything." — combaticus22

That is one hell of a way to get introduced to high-school life! It, thankfully, makes my first day of high school seem very mundane.


Reddit | geocachingjones

"A bunch of seniors were having a graduation party in the woods. One of them passed out drunk, rolled into a 6-inch deep culvert, and drowned. They didn't notice he died until morning." — Gemmabeta

As the responses to this story flooded in, students tragically dying from accidents while drinking at graduation parties is sadly far from a rare occurrence. Look after each other when you're drinking.

Exploiting Students

Unsplash | Jaelynn Castillo

"My history teacher blackmailed the girls who weren't doing so good in his class. He exchanged good grades for nudes." — Snowyguy

If any teacher is abusing their power in this manner to you, it is crucial that you tell someone.

Tampering With Teachers' Drinks

Instagram | @lineae.co

"Some students put pins into the sewing teacher's coffee. Luckily the teacher was okay but it definitely could have been worse." — framed1912

What on Earth could possess someone to do something like this? I mean, some people hate going to school but to try and kill a teacher is just unimaginable.

Mercury Spill

Instagram | mbmetals

"Chemistry teacher spilled Mercury in the lab at my high school. She tried to clean it up herself which only further contaminated the lab and didn't tell anyone about the spill. She was arrested and it cost the school 60K to have it cleaned up." — masterJOY26

You would think that a chemistry teacher would know better! According to news reports, this happened in Sacred Heart Academy, in Louisville, and she ended up facing criminal charges.

Suspicious Cookies

Instagram | @bluebowlrecipes

"Someone baked their grandmas ashes into cookies and fed them to students." — Cjd114

This sounds more like something out of a horrific Twilight Zone episode as opposed to a story about a school.

Yearly Deaths

Instagram | @splatandchat

"A string of deaths 3 years in a row. Was finally broken when some guy jumped out a two-story building but lived!" — bomfd

I mean, it's good that it came to an end I guess, but it's still a horrific way for the tradition to be broken.

Mass Pregnancies

Instagram | @anjiwierenga

"We had a senior, male student in my high school who knocked up a freshman and the Spanish teacher within like a week of each other." — PhilipLiptonSchrute

Propositioning Prostitutes

Unsplash | Mwesigwa Joel

"The summer after I graduated, the principal was caught propositioning underaged teenage male prostitutes." — VitruvianDude

Interfering With A Pizza

Instagram | @allthingsglutenfree

"Our school cheerleaders s*** on a pizza and balled little turds up to look like sausage and sent it to the rival school." — Saintblack

How many people are now thinking, "Oh, that explains why that pizza tasted so bad!"

Hidden Cameras

Instagram | @vanquishgroupuk

"In middle school, the Athletics Director was caught putting cameras in the girl's locker room." — Herogamer555

Something of a similar nature was actually happening in a school that I was at. It's a terrifyingly unsettling thing to happen.

Favoritism By Teachers

Instagram | @bodybornemanassociate

"3 popular students from my high school were drinking and driving and speeding around town, eventually they drove into a tree doing 120km/h and they all died on impact. 3 pages in the yearbook, an assembly, counseling, memorial, and a day off from school for 3 guys who endangered the lives of others. About 6 months later a student got hit by a car speeding through the school zone while he was crossing the street. This kid wasn't popular by any means, mostly kept to themselves but he was a nice guy [...]

"Not a single mention in the yearbook, no announcement [...] nothing. It became very apparent the popularity contest among teachers and the favoritism they showed the more popular students. The principal actually had to step down the year after I graduated." — envirex

Burn It All Down

"Someone burned down one of our buildings." —Bacon_Pug

On purpose or by accident? Mostly trying to decide if this is funny or not.

Suicide Rates

Unsplash | Dmitry Schemelev

"A bit late to the party, but in my high school, we had 6 suicides over the course of 3 years. If I remember correctly, there was one week that 3 students committed suicide, 2 of them within 24 hours of each other. Our principal ended up retiring because of it." — Wengsta123

With suicide rates as high as they are among school students, it's important that those who are struggling have the opportunities to speak to someone if they need to. Whether that be through counselors or helplines.

Irresponsible Parenting

"There was a white kid who had a black baby mannequin to take care of for a week for some project to see if he would be a responsible parent. He hung the baby on a tree outside of the school, expelled and made news on the local paper." —m1sel_

One Person's School Career Was...Eventful

Reddit | Loveinthemud

"High School math teacher got a DUI on a tractor and was fired.

PE and CS teacher had an affair while both were married to other people. They eventually both divorced and ended up marrying each other.

Accounting teacher married a student about a week after she graduated. Rumor was that they were already sleeping together when she was 16 and she was pregnant before graduation as well by the teacher.

A couple bomb threats" —Gunther482

Dangerous Squirrels!

Instagram | @katimist

"Not a scandal, but my entire high school was put under lockdown because there was a rabid squirrel on campus." — ksumbur

I thought that this one would be a slightly more humorous one after a lot of bleak misery.

Fake Shootings

Flickr | Iowa Department of Education

"My high school did a 'block lunch' where everyone ate lunch at the same time instead of separating them into A, B, C lunches. Because our cafeteria couldn't fit the entire student body, it was normal for kids to be eating in the hallway, on the floor, or at tables all throughout the school. One day during lunch, unbeknownst to the staff and student body, our AP decided to hold a lockdown drill.

"He got on the intercom and told everyone there was an active shooter in the cafeteria in order to see how kids would react had it been a real shooting. Turned into pure anarchy. Kids calling 911, running out of school and not returning to class after the drill was over, kids having anxiety attacks while hiding in classrooms, dying calls from students to parents. It was pretty bad. Should I mention how this was two days after the Parkland Shooting?" — HopScotch-

Child Porn

Unsplash | Vincent Botta

"Turns out my geography teacher was a pedophile with several thousand accounts of child pornography on their computer." —AJStellios

This is both far less common than people fear and more common than it should ever be.

Short Fuse

Instagram | @day_light_lust

"Some kids didn’t want to take a state mandated test so they lit fireworks off in the bathroom. But they didn’t realize how quickly they would explode and all three of them got burnt.

The whole school had to stand outside for hours." —Crimsonrox

Do kids like this not realize that the test will just be rescheduled?

Send Nudes

Unsplash | Julio Tirado

"A 16 year old sending nudes to a 12 year old in a baptist school." —Dolphin1133

It's bad enough when teenagers are doing this stuff, but TWELVE?!

Hot For Teacher


"This actually came out during my last semester there, but it had been happening for years.

"One of the English teachers had been having sex with a few select students every year. Most were football players. It got really weird. When I had her class it wouldn’t be out of place if a student from another class asked to go to the bathroom and just went to her room to see her. [...]

"It only came out because there was this one girl who was in an argument with her for some reason and said something along the lines of, “That’s why you f*** your students!” And the whole incident got brought up to the office and they interviewed everyone.

Found out she’d had sex with multiple students for the past few years." —TemplarHideout

Bomb Threats

Instagram | @sometricker

"At the end of my senior year, we had bomb threats about 2-3 times a week. One of them was written in lipstick on the mirror of one of the girls' bathrooms. It said, "Bomb menana". It was so ridiculous. S*** like this had us standing out in a grass field for hours while the police checked the building." —AlliCakes

This was probably just students thinking it was a funny way to get out of class.

Hiding In The School

Instagram | crazy_girl_alisha

"A woman with severe medical issues (both physical and mental deficiencies) snuck away from her group home and hid in the broom closet of our cafeteria for two days. She ate all of our garlic bread, took someone's jacket, and walked out 36 hours later.

"This was in 2007, we didn't have cameras or anything and no one saw her go in or out. They only knew she was there because the jacket had the name of the high school and when she was found she straight up told the police she had been hiding in there for 2 days." — DanHam117

Sounds Like A Movie Plot

Unsplash | Gilles Lambert

"Not my school, but the small-town high school where my kids now attend: Married female office admin sexes up a female student. Goes to jail for a few years. 10 years later husbands of both women find out they have secret cell phones and have been carrying on a relationship off and on since the older one got out of prison." —Inevitable_Professor

Quite The List

Unsplash | Glenn Carstens-Peters

"Girl attempted suicide in the girl's bathroom.

"Guy got caught having sex with a teammate in the locker room after practice.

"Three girls caught snorting cocaine in the bathroom.

"Someone was boinking a teacher but we never found out who. Teacher resigned.

"Someone put red hots in the hand dryer in the boy's bathroom and it caught fire.

"Four years of school, three fire alarm pulls.

"Growing up in a 3k population town in the middle of f***ing nowhere was crazy as hell sometimes. These events were over my 4 years of high school." —SuddenTerrible_Haiku

They also clarified that the fire alarms were for actual fires.

Current Affairs

Unsplash | Kristina Flour

"The biology teacher was having an affair with the principal." —AnusEinstein

Is it wrong that I find the idea of an age-appropriate affair story to be a breath of fresh air on this list?

Sex Doll Secret Santa

"Two years ago, a senior brought in a sex doll for secret Santa. He then brought it to the senior room and essentially had a fake gang-bang with it with 20 other people." —MisterYanus

I'm going to assume the school put a stop to it and punished the 20 people involved.

Teachers Hitting Students

Instagram | @beazlrock

"An English teacher slapped a kid in class and retired that week."

They must have known that their career was over as soon as it happened.

Hope The Nurses Get Justice

Instagram | @nursenancy1976

"We currently have a lawsuit against our district. The nurses are claiming harassment against an intermediate principal, and the district refused to step in.

"Apparently the nurses caught him having an affair and told his wife. He pinned one against a wall and demanded to see her phone." —dragonite061


Unsplash | Austin Distel

"Teacher sent nudes to a kid because the kid pretended to be a different person on a dating website. Teacher left. Kid was expelled." — Morphine_Mydriasis

Always be careful when you're meeting people online, this sort of thing happens far too often and can have disastrous consequences.

Too Many Partners

Unsplash | freestocks.org

"A girl got pregnant and told everyone the father was our English teacher. Turns out - nah, no one even knows who the father is, her included." —socialdrug

How many guys do you need to get with where you can't even narrow down the father candidates?

Fake Photos

Instagram | @ingaskripka

"Someone nailed a photoshopped pic (almost real looking) of one of our teacher sucking a d**k along with a used condom onto the school notice board. She was pretty young compared to the rest of the teachers, and the moment she came to know about this, she started crying and went awol for almost 3 weeks. Then, one day she comes to our class, says goodbye to us and leaves the school permanently.

When they caught the kid, the school held a special assembly just for the sole purpose of making him apologize in front of the whole school... he cried the entire time. I'd rather be expelled honestly."

This list is really beginning to erode my faith in humanity. The fact that some people will go out of their way to destroy someone else's life for no reason, and at such a young age is disgusting.

h/t: Reddit