Family's Photo Session Turns Into An Epic Photoshop Fail

Family photos help create memories that will last a lifetime. One mom took to Facebook to share her family's recent photo session, but as it turned out, the photos were memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Taking family portraits is an important tradition for many families.

Unsplash | Roman Kraft

It seems that everyone is sharing their perfect family pictures taken at some rustic farm on Instagram and Facebook.

If you've ever done family pictures with a professional photographer, you know it's not cheap.

Unsplash | Andre Furtado

The expense is totally justified, but imagine paying around $250 for a series of family photos and getting a hilarious Photoshop fail instead? This unfortunate, but hilarious, situation is what happened to one family.

According to Pam Dave Zaring, when she contacted a photographer for some family pictures, she was assured that they were professionals.

Facebook | Pam Dave Zaring

In a Facebook post, she said that her family shelled out between $200-$250 for the photo session.

However, when Pam got the photos, all she could do was laugh.

Facebook | Pam Dave Zaring

The photographer poorly edited the photos, giving the entire family a strange, cartoonish appearance. I don't know if I would have laughed or cried.

Apparently, the photographer said there were a lot of shadows in the initial shots.

Facebook | Pam Dave Zaring

She then explained to the family that she had never been taught to edit photos.

So, this was the result.

Facebook | Pam Dave Zaring

While many people would have been upset over the outcome of the photos, Pam took to Facebook instead.

She could see the humour in this epic fail and had to share it with the world.

Facebook | Pam Dave Zaring

It didn't take long for the photos to go viral and rack up thousands of shares and comments.

Pam wanted to emphasize that these pictures are 100% real and were the serious final product delivered to them.

Facebook | Pam Dave Zaring

Online, people shared in the laughter over these creepy, but funny, pictures.

"Pam- This is comedic gold. Just think you have your Christmas card photos done for next year!" said one Facebook comment.

I don't know about you, but these photos certainly brightened my day.

Even if they aren't worthy of a spot over the mantle, I'm sure they created some unique memories — and lots of laughs!