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15+ Workplace Memes That Even Your Heartless Manager Will Enjoy

Ah, work. There really is nothing quite like it is there? Just such a rollercoaster of fun, cleanliness, patience, and absolutely no instances of people stealing each others food! I mean, can you imagine if all work was really like that instead of it simply being like that in the head of the flighty dingus who steals your sausage rolls and shows you their holiday photos?

Well, for those of you unfortunate souls out there facing a daily struggle not to murder your coworkers, please enjoy these 15+ workplace memes that even your heartless manager will enjoy!

Naming Your Food

Giving your yogurts names just makes it harder when the time comes to kill them for sustenance. Trust me, keep you yogurts anonymous #anonymousyoghurts.

Good Posture Is Key

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I hate it when I get up to get my fifteenth coffee of the day and my back cracks more than my weekly resolve to go to the gym on a Saturday morning.

The Final Straw

One of the main reasons lists like this exist is so that you never have to resort to this sort of thing. Now hush, quiet your worrying little head and head on over to the next meme, go on, you've earned it soldier!

It Was The Chair I Promise

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You can always tell by their face that they want to leave but are being too polite to go. Don't be a hero people, just get the hell out of there!

Don't Take Your Work Home With You

I mean, unless you work from home, in which case you should absolutely take your work home with you! (I know you're really just watching Netflix, but I'll let you all off).

"Can I Speak To Your Manager Please?"

There's very little like that feeling of being backed up by your manager on a point that you've been arguing about for thirty damn minutes!

It's The Same, But Different!

This guy should apply for a job at Indeed!

Time For A Relaxing Day Off— Oh, Is That An Email?

How you got your dog to sit so close to a bowl of popcorn without it smashing its face into it repeatedly will continue to baffle me until the end of time — or at least until my dog suffers a massive coronary event from the amount of salted popcorn it steals from me.

The Twin Method

You could alternatively just leap into a bush or behind a large conveniently placed potted plant! That really adds an element of the cartoon into your life which I find truly invigorating.

"Winner of the 'It's not my job' award."

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Now that is a level of apathy that you can really butter your toast with!

As Bad As People Who Hit "Reply All"

If people took the time to read the information they are already presented with, then the yearly amount of company emails sent worldwide would surely drop by at least 30% if not more.

*Heart Rate Triples*

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I find it to be a very similar feeling to trying to remember if you locked your front door when you're already half way into work. Images of people sprinting down the street with your possessions flashing through your mind.

Can You Just Give Me A Hand With Something Real Quick?

This was essentially me every time someone would order anything other than an Americano or a latte in the coffee shop I worked at. Whatever a soya decaf flat white is, I simply don't care.

The Dreaded Question

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Carves date on your social life's tombstone

*Canned Studio Laughter*

If bosses were really as funny as people acted like they were, they'd be selling out headline shows at comedy clubs across the country.

Did You Remember To Clock Out?

That's what they should put on a tombstone cake when you leave a shift-based job, the first time you clock in to shift, and the last time you clocked out.

Damn It Nathan!

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I dread to think what kind of condition Nathan has been leaving that toilet in for such measures to be taken!

FAO: Those Who Leave Dishes In The Sink

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This is truly groundbreaking information, and quite frankly, I refuse to believe it. After all, how else would all of those plates I leave in the sink get cleaned?

Time To Cancel Dinner Plans

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Because you totally just told them you would solve the not-a-problem before End of Day, but didn't specify how long that day will be.

Decisions Decisions

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If you do a poor job of the training, maybe your former boss will understand how they should have appreciated you more. But they may also just think you suck at training.

What Are They Paying Them For Again?


This used to be me. Everyone knew I have a good memory for details, so instead of looking anything up on their own, they'd ask me. Even my bosses.

The Workplace Smile

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The awkward mix between a smile and a grimace that says "I acknowledge you, but please don't try to start with some small talk because I don't like you that much."

Offices Defy Time And Space

I just time my work day in cups of coffee now. It's more reliable than clocks.

Interviews Are Improv Tragedy

We all know the answers are stretching the truth at best. The person applied for the drive because they needed money and the requirements matched their knowledge and maybe their interests.

*Clutches Pearls*

I am willing to sign a card and put a buck or two towards a cake that I can also enjoy. Don't give me that "gift" nonsense.

How About No?

"Sorry, Bob, but I see you outside office hours once a year for the Christmas party and that is quite enough for me."

Play It Cool


It was definitely easier to pretend you're a professional adult before the age of social media.

There's Always One

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What are they snitching about this time? Is it actually a big deal or is it just that Bob was sneaking a Snickers bar during yesterday's meeting?

What? You Thought I Meant It?

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To be fair, hamsters are pretty darn cute.

Cubicle LOLs

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Cubicle farms have the advantage of privacy and sound dampening, but it can sometimes be pretty boring.

Every September

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Parents who work full time are still allowed to gloat, though, since they've had to juggle extra childcare all summer and have zero compassion for kids grumbling about school.


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Isn't great to bond over the dislike of a person and not the job itself?


This is why the savviest — worst! — companies now add "and any additional duties that may be required" to their job descriptions.

"Oh hi, Boss."

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"We were just talking about the global restructuring of the gobbledygook down in the New York office...yeah."


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"Hello, Bob,

"I'm just emailing to follow up on the yes or no question I asked you three weeks ago regarding the project that is due four hours from now...."

Vague But Specific

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Never give a firm expectation if no outside deadline is set. Otherwise, you'll be working overtime while the boss is on the golf course.

The Secret Santa Dilemma

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Something similar happened to me once when I was at the coffee shop. The boss just came in and said, "Do you have (x) in the Secret Santa?" So I said, "Yeah, why?" To which they held out the bowl and just said, "I'd pick another one."

The Most Important Part Of The Tour

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Often, the best place to cry is in the dusty storage room stuffed with off-season holiday decorations. The Halloween skeletons can give you a hug.

*Whimpers To Self*

Ah, nothing quite like a good old cry at the office! My last office even had a designated crying area! Well, it was just my desk, but I put a sign up that said "designated cry area" so it's basically the same thing.

Fortunately, nowadays I love my job! And I just thought I'd get that final dig in so you can all resent me forever!