10+ Movies That Disney Doesn't Want Fans To See Anymore

Alright, so let me put this into context:

Recently, Disney has been throwing some old Fox movies into their vault and this isn't a good thing, apparently.

They won't be made available to small-time theatres, which is definitely not a good thing.

So if you didn't read the opener, read it. Because I explain what's going on with this article.


And now, I will explain the "Disney vault"... or WikiHow will explain it:

"Disney’s vault system means putting certain movies on a moratorium so that they are not available for purchase or digital viewing until they are released from the vault. Generally, Disney puts movies in a seven-year vault hold and then releases them."

So, without further ado, here are the Fox movies going into the vault.

1. 'The Omen'


Yes, it seems that the original Omen movie (the one from 1976) is heading into the Disney vault.

So if you were looking to watch a movie about this spooky child, then you're out of luck.

2. 'The Fly'

Yes! This David Cronenberg classic turned remake turned classic on its own right is also going into the dreaded vault!

No more can we buy Jeff Goldblum turning into a fly creature!

3. 'Alien'


Wow. Just wow.

Now this one is going to be hard to lose. One of the greatest horror movies of all time is going to be put in the Disney vault.

4. 'Aliens'



I don't even know what to say about this one! One of the greatest action-horror movies of all time is also being put into the Disney vault! What a loss!

5. 'Say Anything'


Aw, what? That jukebox movie with John Cusack? That one's going into the Disney vault?

Maybe if we stand outside Disneyworld with a jukebox playing Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" Mickey will let us have it.

6. 'Moulin Rouge'

Oh no! This awesome jukebox musical is something I'm really going to miss.

It's not that I'm a jealous man... I just don't like it when Disney puts away my classic movies!

7. 'Fight Club'


Oh man, this thriller about split personalities (oops, spoiler alert) is one that is also heading to the Disney vault.

Hm... maybe the twist is that we were in the vault the whole time?

8. 'Beneath the Planet of the Apes'


Gotta say, I'm probably not going to miss this one as much as I'm going to miss Alien or The Sound Of Music.

But I'm sure someone out there is heartbroken.

9. 'Suspiria'


Oh wow, another underrated horror going into the Disney vaults, where it will remain... probably forever?

Maybe all these movies are going to be on Disney+?

Gosh, I sure hope so... I love Suspiria.

10. 'The Day the Earth Stood Still'


(The original, not the Keanu Reeves remake).

And finally, we add a movie that the United States National Film Registry has called "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant."

And now it rests in Disney's vault forevermore.

What a bummer.

11. 'Zardoz'


Well, this one is certainly going to be a loss.

By the way, you're welcome for not including that one picture of Sean Connery everyone uses when talking about this movie. You can Google it, though.

12. 'Phantom of the Paradise'


Like most things in the '70s, this movie was a twisted version of something else.

In Phantom of the Paradise's case, it was a twisted version of The Phantom of the Opera.

13. 'All About Eve'


Oh, we will never again get to see this thrilling tale of a young actress trying to take over the career of an old one.

Essentially, we'll never get to know All About Eve.

14. 'The Revenant'

Yes, there are even rumors that they're going to put Leonardo DiCaprio's only Oscar-award winning performance in the Disney vault.

Poor Leo, he really can't catch a break.

15. 'The Thin Red Line'


You know, it's not like Disney to take on a heavy subject like World War II, which is probably exactly why they're sticking this movie into their vault.

What would Walt think of doing a WW2 movie on the side of the Americans?

16. 'Memory: The Origins of Alien'


An epic tale about a legendary movie, this documentary about the Alien series will be going into the vault.

So if you wanted to learn about how they created the Xenomorph, you'll just have to Google it.

Oh darn!

It seems you got us, Disney! If only there wasn't a plethora of ways to watch movies online.

What a sad world we live in.