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16+ People Who Made Total Fools Of Themselves On Social Media

The rise of social media has changed the whole landscape of how we communicate, but that's sadly not always for the better.

For one thing, it's hard to be excited about the prospect of constantly having to be aware of what we tell the world for fear of potential employers seeing it. For some reason, it's also how many of us learned more than we wanted to about the unpleasant ways that some of our relatives view the world.

But some users obviously aren't as concerned about how they come off as we are and they've made some real doozies of posts to prove it. And the results can only fill us with the worst kind of fascination.

While it's important to respect the markers of other cultures, this person didn't do themselves any favors with how they went about it.

Reddit | jaytix1

If they hadn't been so aggressive and hasty, maybe they could've avoided publicly embarrassing themselves.

Trying to shame a Japanaese person for wearing something traditionally Japanese is bad enough without accidentally revealing that they don't know as much about it as they think they do.

I'm not sure at what point in history this person thinks everybody suddenly agreed to stop using the singular "they," but they're obviously confused about a couple of things.

Reddit | gottamemethemall

Namely, the difference between a term being used to describe something and a thing that people used to do.

Hmm, looks like they're not qualified to police language after all.

Wow, this really doesn't seem like the time for that, buddy.

Reddit | Corzare

Not to speak for whoever this person's talking to, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say they're probably not in the mood right now.

This person's heart is in the right place, but it looks like their brain needs to catch up a little.

Reddit | bamagirl4210

I'd love to hear their suggestions for how somebody is supposed to bring their car to them without the keys.

With a lot of muscular friends, I suppose?

Today we learn that somebody out there will leave a thirsty comment on absolutely anything.

Reddit | hellolove12

I'm curious to know how this seemed like the perfect opportunity for this person. What kind of "how I met your mother" story did they hear growing up?

Given how many ellipses this guy used, I wonder how long it would actually take him to say this in real life.

Reddit | GMarkwith

It's probably hard to sound badass while talking like a weirdly aggressive Christopher Walken, but it's even harder once people realize this sick wolf image actually comes from a Twilight movie.

Uh oh, did I just enter the abyss or whatever?

I don't think this guy meant for "I've got sledgehammers for arms" to sound as hilarious as it does.

Reddit | biterhymez

And from the looks of it, the person he really needs to "throw them" at is whoever gave him that spider tattoo.

I guess I can appreciate that this woman didn't want to waste anything, but I wouldn't count on any buyers if I were her.

Reddit | forestgreen_

Not only am I pretty sure it's unsafe to put someone's used implants in your body, but these actually look fairly deflated so I'm not trusting that "low miles" claim either.

Selling them individually is also...interesting. She's nothing if not flexible, I suppose.

I love the confidence, but I can't help but think this guy seems a little under-qualified to rule over Hell.

Reddit | getthatguyouttahere

Unless the images we have of Satan grossly overestimate how intimidating he is, it'll probably take more than some guy with a mullet to usurp him.

Although many of us are sadly no stranger to people's anti-vaxxer talk, this person has a new one for us.

Reddit | sdnim

Not only do they not believe in vaccines, but they apparently don't believe in space? Like, in general?

Do they think we're being shown a massive screen whenever we look at the stars at night or something?

The word that's been blanked out was originally the N-word. So no, I don't think anybody said this.

Reddit | scardib

I'll just go ahead and spare you this guy's follow-up posts where he apparently thought saying this was totally not racist.

Well, this guy's close, but what I really get are "don't be around me at all" vibes from this image.

Reddit | nuclearnewwb

Fooling around with two assault rifles is a terrible idea at the best of times, but that's especially true when his fingers are that close to the triggers.

I hope that wall is thicker than it looks.

OK, I understand this guy is upset that somebody stole his mom's bike and that we can sometimes lash out when people hurt us.

Reddit | Fvrutek

Having said all that, however, I'm not sure whoever did this will feel very intimidated now that he's taken his "tough guy" picture on a child's slide with an adorable dog next to him.

Well, I've got good news for this guy. Drinking Monster before bed is far from the dumbest thing about this picture.

Reddit | justinemarie304

Even during the Civil War, that flag would have probably been very confusing for anyone actually fighting in it. As opposed to just disappointing like it is now.

Also, I can't say that staying up a little too late really does much to demonstrate that you "fear nothing."

Was this post made with anybody in mind or is that just what they felt like telling the world that day?

Reddit | thickwonga

Because if nobody provoked this, then it seems like the only appropriate response to this is, "Sir, this is an Arby's."

As conversations that start with "send nudes" go, this one is certainly unique.

Reddit | WouldYouKindly12

It might also help this guy to understand that actual hitmen usually don't go around doing a lot of bragging about their profession.

After all, there's a reason the Hitman games tend to favor the silent assassin.

Oh dear, that is definitely not what the term "Lebanese" means.

Reddit | Nobl3_king

I guess if there's any silver lining to this post, it's that any lesbian this guy meets can understand why he keeps talking about the Middle East when they're around.

Sadly, the tone of this post doesn't seem to indicate that this experience taught them they made a terrible mistake.

Reddit | radiogoo_goo

I don't know what's more disheartening, when we meet someone who actually needs to be told not to desecrate graves or when that lesson doesn't take.

Systemic and overt racism are still a big part of our culture, so maybe don't try to manufacture more of it just for the clicks.


And if you're going to do it, don't be so obvious about it.

I'm glad they got caught, though, because schools have enough to worry about without some joker trying to get them in trouble for fake racism.

I bet this guy thinks this shirt makes him seem cool.


I mean, my Dad would wear an "I am a grumpy old man" shirt. It's not cool. Then this one devolves with a generic piece of "heavy metal" art and randomly thinks being born in August is scary.

I'm not sure this would be my first choice for a profile pic, but apparently one Redditor's aunt decided it was perfect.

Reddit | ImPavlovinIt

Said aunt recently got out of prison, so you can tell which one she is by the extra sexy angle monitor.

I don't really get the whole "First" thing with social media comments. Like, why does that make you feel special?

Reddit | Wumbo-Donger

Mostly though, I just roll my eyes at those people.

But this person who did it on a post saying goodbye to a dog that had died? You are a horrible person.

When the actual brand is calling you out for your bullshit, you've reached a whole other level.


For some reason, people think that in a world with Goggle they won't be caught copy-pasting their jokes from somewhere else.

Couples costumes are cringe, but usually for far less terrible reasons.

Reddit | LeCheesie

This is never funny. Just don't do it. People may make fun of you for dressing as ketchup and mustard, but they won't remember you as the trashy couple that made fun of a tragedy.

I'm not keen on checking in at places on Facebook because I prefer not to advertise when I'm not home, but I don't judge people who choose to do it.

Reddit | offbrandbarbie

Except for this person who thought it was a good idea to advertise that they were visiting a local strip club. I judge them.

Pro tip: if you're going to tamper with food for the lols, don't post about it online.


Besides guaranteeing that you'll lose your job, it's also illegal to do this stuff, so have fun trying to find a good lawyer.

Dear male geeks: there is no such thing as a Fake Geek Girl.


Just because she can't answer your ridiculous gatekeeping questions about some minuscule piece of canon doesn't mean she's pretending to like something to get attention. Especially from the type of people who would post this kind of stupidity.

Yes, I'm sure that the reason you couldn't walk up to the DRIVE THRU window and order a sandwich was because you had a dog with you.

Reddit | JUltraGold

People not in vehicles can't use the drive thru because it is unsafe for people not in vehicles to be in a lane meant for vehicles. Duh.

How "active" can said KKK group be when the person in the hood hasn't moved from that exact spot?


I doubt that the lab equipment has been sitting there since 1922, but that random detail just makes this funnier in how dumb it is.

Strange punctuation choices aside, the initial review for this pizza place is fine.

Reddit | Thrice71212

And then he congratulates himself for being right in his own review — on the same day — before also trying to pick up random women who have also left reviews for the restaurant.

If you're going to try to pull this sort of fakery, maybe change your profile pic first.


I need more context for this. Why did he pair that photo with a "You ok?" and who is he sending it to that wouldn't already know what he looks like?

Is it his version of "hey"?

It's silly to think people would fall for this in the first place, but did you think your family wouldn't see it?


Like, if you're a grandmother on Facebook, I would bet that you're friends with your own children. Of course they're going to call you out for putting words into their children's mouths.

There is so much dumb in this screenshot.


If you live in a place where weed is illegal, maybe don't talk about it on YouTube publicly. Once people know to watch for you trying not to get caught, you will be caught.

Come on, guys, you know you want to try to match with this girl.

Reddit | oliver_GD

I'm not sure which part is more cringe: the random guns or the fact the photo is from a wedding.

I really hope the profile isn't for the woman in the wedding gown.

Your Honor, I would like to present Exhibit A into evidence.

Reddit | harambevandecar

I love that they thought it wasn't a crime because the fire didn't spread from the bush.

Like, you set a bush on fire on purpose. That's already arson.

As a former McDonalds cashier, I hate these people with every fiber of my being.

Reddit | harambevandecar

Oh, you made a teenager's crappy day worse. How totally badass of you.

If this was the third trip back into the store, have you considered rethinking how you word your orders?

I really hope this person is exaggerating.

Reddit | _mh_99

Our eyes can play tricks on us, so I can totally understand why this would seem like a snake at first.

But did it really take a whole five minutes to realize their "snake" wasn't fighting back?

There is a lot of fake science bullshit out there on the internet and that's awful. But this is hilarious.


I want to know if the person that posted this was trying to dupe people or if they were previously duped by this movie screengrab.

I'll admit I don't know this guy or how his life has gone, but it still doesn't feel appropriate for him to use this quote.

Reddit | [deleted]

For those who aren't aware, these words were originally etched into one of the walls at Auschwitz.

Let's just say this means a lot more coming from a literal Holocaust victim than somebody who had a crappy week.