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17+ Fools Who Were Caught Red Handed

We've all been caught red-handed at one point or another. I'm not going to say it's nothing to be ashamed of because, well, it's usually something to be ashamed of. At least you can take solace in the knowledge that you're not alone.

The face says it all.

Reddit | jayant2104

Some people/animals have a good poker face. Sometimes their poker face might be so good that you start doubting whether they've done anything wrong at all. This mutt does not have a good poker face.

Maybe they're getting a salad.

Reddit | ChopsMagee

The problem with driving around in a heavily branded company car is that your driving billboard might expose some hypocrisy. That said, I can hardly judge. Who doesn't get the occasional McNugget craving?

Mission: Impossible.

Reddit | PeacefulWay

This daring Halloween candy heist was almost successful. The high chair shows evidence of premeditation. The candy is almost within reach. If only her parents hadn't walked in at the critical time.

Red-handed or red-faced?

Reddit | itsyaboy_spidey

If it wasn't for flash photography, things like this would be harder to detect in a darkened club. But with flash on, the offenders stand out like a sore...or red...thumb.

When your pupper regresses.

Reddit | WestcoastManz

Look, I get it: you're a dog, and dogs don't get to enjoy certain human things like baby soothers. That doesn't mean you can just start trying this stuff out, though.


Reddit | J0hnsKn0w

I don't know much about possums, but I do know that they're pretty weird looking. At this point, the damage is already done. I'd just let this ugly little critter finish the job.

The promised land.

Reddit | yellowwire

Who among us hasn't dreamed of shrinking down to miniature size and living inside a fully-stocked vending machine? No one? Just me? Well, regardless, this cat is living my age-old dream.

A crime as old as time.

Reddit | Kellygirl64

For as long as hair elastics have existed, owners have been locked in a stalemate with their cats over who gets possession of these little elastics. In this case, the cat wins.


Reddit | theothertoken

I don't know for certain that this dude was caught red handed, but considering the fact that his girlfriend brought print-outs of his text messages, things aren't looking good for him.


Reddit | Ashmo013

It's one thing to be caught shoplifting. It's another thing to be caught so thoroughly that the local police are able to tell your friends about it on your Facebook wall.

It's up there somewhere.

Reddit | likwitsnake

This quarterback is playing in quite possibly the biggest game of his life, the NCAA national championship. But when the lights are brighter, they're more liable to catch you doing stuff like this.

Not caught...yet.

Reddit | Loptimist

I can't tell if this cat is on the verge of being caught red-handed or if he just likes staring wistfully at blocks of cheese he'll never get to taste.

Mistakes were made.

Reddit | checkandmated

Sometimes you catch someone in the act and it's immediately apparent that you don't need to call them out for anything because the lesson has already been painfully learned.

Is that a camera?

Reddit | 2planks

This guy was breaking into cars when he noticed one of them had a camera on the dashboard. The look on his face pretty much says it all here.

Beagles, man.

Reddit | brownwolf1

It must be a law of pet ownership that, at some point, your idiot dog or cat will get a little too curious and manage to get something stuck around their neck.

An artist at work.

Reddit | Fuzzie8

Cats love to enact their artistic vision on rolls of toilet paper. What may look like savagery in real time is revealed to be pure derpiness when it's captured in a freeze frame.


Reddit | Blex621

There's a reason that electricians are professionally trained. It turns out amateur electricians don't do quite as well when they're trying to harness the mystical power of a power box.

Caught, first person style.

Reddit | scriptdog1

The person who posted this says they were doing a kitchen tour when they tried to snap a quick candid photo. Judging by the fact that literally everyone noticed them, I'd say the mission was a failure.

He's only five!

Reddit | DroopyGemma1

There's a line between "dog steals beer" and "dog owner creates cute photo op with beer". I'm not sure where this pic falls, but it's cute enough to merit inclusion on this list.

Human curiosity.

Reddit | WHISPERRcs

Mannequins are great for modeling clothes. But what's going on underneath? Most people have the social decorum to never satisfy their curiosity, but this brave shopper decided to steal a peek.

Perfect timing.

Reddit | goatsacesally

I love the composition of this photo. You can see the golden-brown muffins. You can see the toddler's hand grasping at them. You can even see one muffin begin to topple as the hand grabs at it.


Reddit | DrChilton

This dog is clinging to the faint hope that, by distancing itself from the crime scene, it'll avoid suspicion. It might have worked if they hadn't left damning footprints all over the place.


Reddit | [deleted]

There's something about buttons, levers, and switches that acts like catnip for curious kids. If there's any lesson here, it's to wait until your kids are older before buying a water cooler.

Top notch security.

Reddit | DSJC_official

Phones are getting better and better at keeping miscreants from accessing your stuff. As it turns out, it isn't just data-mining humans who might try to unlock your phone.

So close.

Reddit | hollo_r

Balding dudes know what it's like to talk themselves into believing they don't look like they're balding. This guy thought customs agents would just assume he had a weirdly elevated hairline.


Reddit | Bigshot212

I love how thoroughly this guy is busted. You can even see the pic he's snapping on his phone. Seriously though, don't be the kind of creep who sneaks photos of people in public.

All's well that ends well.

Reddit | fatnisse

Amber alerts work. If there was ever any doubt, just look at this pic. It's pretty hard to deny that you're the suspect when your plate number is literally displayed on the road signs.


Reddit | jaykah

I don't want to accuse this dog of planning to eat what's in the cat's litter box because that's disgusting. But honestly, I don't really know what else he'd be there for.

Distraction levelled up.

Reddit | belfaj26

So many people still text while driving — If you do, stop it! — even though they know it's wrong. It's so common that it's hardly worth featuring a texting driver in this list.

But this person is FaceTiming!

Say cheese.

Reddit | Yeeheeeeeeeee_

If you're going to vandalize a playground, maybe don't do it in the middle of the day, pause for a selfie, or forget to check for other cameras.


Reddit | sailedmoon

In a huge stadium crowd, the likelihood of being caught on camera is relatively low. So either these signs completely backfired, or the guys were trying to get caught for the laughs.

Don't be a creep!

Reddit | awokenplatypus

No matter what a woman is wearing, she's not "asking" for this sort of harassment. You deserve to be caught.

Break time.

Missouri Political News Service

Part of me is really annoyed at this mail carrier for just sitting there with people's mail hanging out in the breeze, but I feel like I need to give him props for his seating hack.

I don't think you got the job, dude.

Twitter | @ElSatanico

If you are going to a job interview, be sure to act like a decent person throughout the process, including the commute. You never know when someone else may work at the place you're hoping to join.


Pleated Jeans

I think people smoking at gas stations are insane, but this is a thousand times worse.

Street View both ways.

Reddit | xscz

A pair of dogs out for their walk got a bit overexcited upon seeing the Google vehicle and their owner decided to snap a photo.

And the moment was captured in Street View.

So many ruined tacos.

The Controversial Files

Why do people do things like this? And when they do, why do they think it's not going to bite them in the butt when they share the pic online?

That can't possibly be sanitary.


Sure, the store closed, but what's the guy doing topless behind the counter anyway? Kind of glad he's hidden below the waist.


Imgur | henriksen1

You know, this probably sucked in the moment, but it definitely makes the present all the more memorable.

Flour power.

Reddit | RedditMart

This is why it's always scarier when the toddlers are quiet. No matter how carefully you clean, you're going to be finding flour everywhere forever.

I don't think she has a license.


No, I don't really think that the dog caused all this damage, but that doesn't mean the mental image isn't funny.


Reddit | legen-dery

Step one: don't publicly post a video about how you get away with it so that the authorities start paying more attention.

That face!

Reddit | jayant2104

I learned pretty quickly to never leave snacks or gum in my purse or to hang the bag out of reach.

This is especially important for sugar-free gum, since it can contain an artificial sweetener that's toxic for doggos.

Always check above the parking spot.

Reddit | FCB_1899

Otherwise, you may find your vehicle now looks like this and the birds up on the wire aren't going to even try to hide their guilt.

Pure regret.

Reddit | purplevortexxx

This is why safety regulations are a thing. Besides the beard being unsafe around such tools, it looks like he was also wearing wired headphones that got caught.

When things are too clean.

Reddit | arbucklefatty

"Offered to clean the house for 'husband points' while the wife was out of town," wrote the Reddit poster. "Hired a maid but didn't check the work. Busted!"

A well-placed meme.

Reddit | Y_Ampersand

If you decide to be a person who has a dog, then you've decided to be a person who picks up dog poop. It's not negotiable.

A picture says a thousand words.

Reddit | Salegosse

Once upon a time, there was a cooked sausage, nestled in a pan of sausage grease. It smelled so good that a nearby cat sprung into action. I don't know what happened next, but the sausage is gone now.


Reddit | YthoughFR

"I made the mistake of somehow not putting sunscreen on the top of my hands. So I stole my friends lighter and I’m waiting for him to ask if I have it so I can say 'You caught me red handed'." — YthoughFR

Admit it, you'd do the same.