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Ukrainian Artist Creates Gorgeous And Detailed Paintings On Glassware

The internet is full of amazing artists and creators of all types. It has opened doors for many talented people to get discovered and share their art and other creations with the public.

One of these awesome artists is Vita from Ukraine. She paints amazing designs on teapots, mugs, plates, and various other glassware using heat-set paint. You'll fall in love with her art.

Vita sells her beautiful creations in her Etsy store called Vitraaze where she has over 500 unique items for sale.

Her range of designs has something for everyone.

Apparently, Vita never actually studied this type of artform but she ended up trying it out with her sister for fun.

She said her first try wasn't even all that good.

But that didn't exactly stop her.

She decided that she wanted to perfect the technique and add her own creativity. She's now been doing glass painting for six years.

Vita is often inspired by elements of nature.

And she tries to use those motifs in her intricate glass designs. I think her work is simply magical, don't you?

She often gets asked to do custom pieces.

Usually, it's just based on a picture like this dog a lady sent her to put on a mug.

I think this would make a great and unique gift for someone.

I can think of a few Leos who would love to have a mug like this. So beautiful.

Vita makes all sorts of interesting items from chinaware to mugs to pretty Christmas ornaments like this lovely creation here.

I would love this on my Christmas tree.

OMG, this stained glass mug is absolutely amazing.

I would be so honored to have a mug collection like this in my cupboard. Perfect for a coffee lover.

And if you're looking for some truly unique glassware you can use to serve wine to your guests this Halloween, this might be the ticket.

Wow, how stunning!

I think Vita is so talented.

This young lady has accomplished so much in such a short time. I'm totally amazed by her incredible skill and talent. Bravo!

She literally has an item for every possible occasion.

Imagine getting something like this personalized for your mom for Mother's Day. I think she would absolutely love this.

Whether you're a fan of animals, flowers, or mystical creatures, I'm sure you can find a unique piece that will blow you away.

Check out the detail on this piece.

That's it! I'm absolutely bookmarking this Etsy shop for the future.

I bet I can find something truly beautiful to gift to one of my loved ones from Vita's collection.

I had no idea of the caliber of artists you can find on Etsy and similar shops like this.

I'm totally blown away by the creativity and flawless execution here.