You Can Adopt Puppies That Failed Government Training For Being 'Too Nice'

It is a truth universally acknowledged that all dogs are perfect little balls of fur, joy, and love. But not every dog is necessarily cut out to have a canine career.

Training to become a police pup, service dog, or drug sniffer is serious work, and only the most dedicated and diligent four-legged cuties pass their programs.

But what happens to those other pups who just didn't quite make the cut? Well, luckily for us, they get put up for adoption because although they failed, they're still very good doggos.

Various government organizations have come up with canine adoption programs so their failed recruits can still find their furever homes.

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According to Insider, there are many different reasons why these pups weren't able to pass their training. They could have proven to be too nervous, showed a lack of drive, or perhaps they had a personality that just didn't quite fit the criteria for their proposed canine career.

In fact, some of these pups are just way too nice to graduate.

These puppers are usually determined to be due for what organizations call a "career change."

Basically, what it means is they've been found to be unfit for their proposed canine career, and now they've been made available for adoption.

Keep in mind this doesn't mean they aren't hard workers or have anything inherently wrong with them.

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It just means they're not suitable for a job as a government-trained doggo. And that's totally OK because we are more than happy to take these sweet little failures in.

If you're interested in German shorthaired pointers, Labrador retrievers, German shepherds, or Belgian Malinois, the TSA has got you covered.

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The official TSA Canine Adoption Program offers prospective dog owners the chance to take home pups who "are highly active and in most cases, untrained and not housebroken."

However, the website emphasizes that these are still good dogs, even if they aren't fit for a life of sniffing out drugs.

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"With proper training and care, they can be a great addition to families."

Guide Dogs of America have mostly Labrador retrievers available for adoption, but also some golden retrievers and German shepherds.

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According to the Career Change page on their website, these rejected dogs could have been removed from the program for a variety of reasons.

Some may have progressed further through the program than others, so their training differs from dog to dog.

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But you can be sure you'll be getting a beautiful pup who is well-deserving of a furever home.

There are plenty of other organizations as well that are looking to give their sweet, unfit doggos a family of their own.

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Mission K9 finds homes for older, retired service dogs to live out their golden years soaking up plenty of belly rubs and head scratches. Freedom Service Dogs of America have even more career change dogs up for adoption because even if they can't make it as a career canine, they'll be excellent lap warmers.

Adoption fees for these dogs can range from a couple hundred dollars to even a thousand.

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But just think of the furry lifelong friend you'll make out of it and I'm sure it'll all be worthwhile.

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