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16+ People Who Have A Dark Sense Of Humor, But We Totally Appreciate It

A sense of humor is a good trait to have. Depending on your particular brand of humor, things may get dark sometimes...maybe even too dark for your friends and family.

If that sounds like you, don't worry. You're among friends here.

Lowe's gets dark.

Reddit | spungez

If you run a store, particularly a hardware store that contains all kinds of pointy equipment, you probably don't want unattended kids running around.

This image might not be totally accurate, but it's a great deterrent.

My shipment has arrived.

Reddit | Mr_PoodlePants

I spend way too much time on Amazon and eBay. Buying something online provides a brief seratonin rush, but by the time the parcels arrive, I may as well be seeing this label on the box.

He died doing what he hated.

Reddit | 610NH

With the spooky season right around the corner, it's the perfect time for creative Halloween displays. Some go overboard with the blood and guts, while others get a little more creative.

If you can't laugh, you'll cry.

Reddit | kittycaviar

This girl has one of those fun Halloween costumes where it looks like you're being carried by someone. What isn't fun is the fact that the theme, "getting deported by Trump", is all too real.

Mistakes were made.

Reddit | Mikereb

This is cute in a dark way. If you look close, things get darker still. This isn't an accidental decapitation of some kind.

No, middle finger full-on ate index finger's head. Yikes.


Reddit | copioustoast

We've all been there before, but how many of us can claim that we've become art?

This commissioned photo captures the essence of the original, but trades in the porcelain bowl for something more stately.

That must be exhausting.

Reddit | ZippymcOswald

Sometimes I totally understand the urge to believe in nothing. That said, if I'm buying quality materials from Dunn Lumber, I'd like to think that they at least believe in quality materials.

Seems legit.

Reddit | eatingpopcornwithmj

Vehicle safety is essential, especially with little ones. That's why cars are full of little pictograms designed to make their safety features obvious.

Honestly, I don't know what else you're supposed to do with this diagram.

Nightmare fuel.

Reddit | goldenpoogoo

Panoramic photos can turn into a mess even when you're just taking a pic of a landscape. I've never tried to panorami-fy a dog, but after seeing this, I never will.

The Pumpger Games.

Reddit | Kerry-King

This is just good, old-fashioned Halloweeny fun. We've seen every variation ever carved into a pumpkin, so why not think outside the box and turn multiple pumpkins into a terrifying tableau?

Everyone needs to stay limber.

Reddit | reachmou

It's a beautiful, sunny day, and we can see four fitness-forward people doing yoga poses with brightly-colored clothes and yoga mats. Why, if these people weren't skeletons, this might be a normal pic.

Taking it hard.

Reddit | CrankyBear

I know nothing about software development, but there must be a more optimistic way to view the process. Either that or this is how loot box-intensive games get developed.

On brand.

Reddit | left-shoulder-closed

This Redditor, who goes by the entirely appropriate name u/left-shoulder-closed, posted this pic with a very on-message t-shirt.

If you're going to live life without an arm, at least there's a funny Monty Python bit you can call back to.

Biding his time.

Reddit | teleporterdown

Cats staring into space is nothing new, but I think things are a little different here. I mean, just look at this cat's evil reflection. Their owner might find it funny now, but I think things are about to get evil.

Pretty good ratio.

Reddit | shidanesayo

Look, this sign is here to level with you. Corn mazes, like any other kind of maze, can be tough to get out of.

And, well, there's no guarantee you won't die, but there's at least a decent chance you'll be rescued.

*Rim shot*.

Reddit | shaystibelman

This one took me a sec, then I giggled. I don't want to make fun of colorblind people (or support the idea that everyone else is 'normal' by comparison), but this is awesome.


Reddit | vanillafromspace

This was a homework assignment for a five-year-old.

I'm not sure if this means that the little one thinks everyone has to dig their own grave or what, but it's probably not the answer her teacher was expecting.


Reddit | Bubbaloosh

This person's niece really loved the doggo on the front of the birthday card, so naturally that's the one they picked. And I'd say she made the best decision possible.

Love is blind, right?

Reddit | DownwindDonkey

All you need to know to understand this picture is that the fellow on his knee there is blind. But he's definitely giving that proposal his all, and isn't that what really matters?

"The original $1,000 monitor stand."

Reddit | internetuser101

If we can't laugh at the absurd amount of money we spend on our education, then we would cry. So laugh away peeps, laugh away.

Sharing strategies, I'm sure.

Reddit | Dillingag_Bazinga

Go ahead though, try and change their minds. I'd say they're all pretty proud of themselves and their accomplishments.


Reddit | EatPrayNub

"Went to open my fridge," this Redditor wrote. "Definitely thought my hand was connected properly."

Yeah, definitely wasn't.

Honestly? Same.

Reddit | joepiano

This is the only time I will ever say this, but in this situation I fully support the building of a wall...

But only if it's around my home.

Baby T-Rex arms.

Reddit | astraroth136

This person wrote than most long-sleeve shirts are longer than his arms, since he has a disability. Which, of course, made this the only Christmas sweater he needed during the holiday season.

Smile...Or, you know, don't.

Reddit | WorkFriendlyAcct

This guy has absolutely no time for picture day and I'm sure these shots went right up onto the refrigerator. Who wouldn't want these priceless memories?

Take note, Tinder guests.

Reddit | paleogeo

I'm not sure who would ever think to raid their Tinder date's shared fridge and just take whatever they want, but I suppose we're all raised differently. Some people just miss out on the "manners" lesson.

Wait, how did you get my diary?

Reddit | Soverign_Sloth

What you just read was the full lifespan of one man's infatuation with a woman which clearly only lasted five days. But those five days were enough to make some pretty big decisions for him.

This was a last-day-of-work gift to a flat earther coworker.

Reddit | kittythedog

Suffice it to say, I'm sure that person won't be coming back to the office to visit very much. Although maybe they'll have a change of heart on a lot of things after they really inspect that globe.

Yikes. But also same.

Reddit | ExtremeSlayz

I imagine that if I had a Seth MacFarlene-level ability to change my voice at will, I too would do it all the time so I never really have to be my one true self.

Who needs real me when you can have this colorful array of fake me's? We know we all prefer them anyway.

Glass totally empty.

Reddit | pokemon-collector

As this Redditor wrote, what we're looking at here is "one cup of sand from each of the beaches I've visited in the past three years."

Anyone else super sick of our friends on social media shoving their travels in our faces? Yeah, same.

This bumper stick got REAL.

Reddit | prfmnceart

REAL honest. But let's not talk about the unreasonable pressure parents put on their children, particularly if those children happen to be honor students who already have enough pressure on them as is.

In case you were wondering.

Reddit | TotesofGoats

I'm glad this Arby's restaurant can find humor in the fact that someone took the phrase "drive thru" a little too seriously and actually drove through the store.

Lite just ain't right.

Reddit | GetInMyJetSki

This husband got super creative when it comes to making his grocery requests known. But I'd say he did a pretty good job in conveying just which type of syrup he prefers to pour over his pancakes.

Case closed.

Anything to throw a party.

Reddit | NRS1

I'm sure this impromptu surprise(?) party somewhat helped soothe the burn of being fired. Though judging from his face, there's definitely some healing that still needs to be done.

The smallest, most-to-the-point fence ever made.

Reddit | kalinkabeek

As this Redditor wrote, "The HOA in my friend’s neighborhood recently threatened her neighbors with a fine if they didn’t hide their trash cans, even though they’ve been in the same spot for over a decade. This is their solution."

What an excellent solution.

Why your brain doesn't shut up at night.

Reddit | Velvetpursuit

This one got me because wow, if this was how the body really worked, it would explain so much.

Particularly, why I spend most nights lying awake, staring at the black void of my ceiling and thinking about everything I'm dreading having to do soon.


Reddit | Cyberfox14

Look, the drawing shows somebody who's happy. The question asks if they're sad.

It's a simple answer, but some creepy kid decided to imbue it with a bunch of sinister foreshadowing.

Business is good.


If you run a funeral home, every day must be a fine line between treating grieving families with respect and dignity, and full-on anticipating the next coffin to roll through your doors.

Forever home.

Reddit | bunney_rabbit

This guy just bought a plot in a cemetery, so he naturally went to check it out. And since he'll eventually lie there for eternity, it just makes sense to figure out the lay of the land.