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14+ Heartwarming Tweets That Prove We Really Don't Deserve Dogs

I don't know about you, but I've never met a dog I didn't like. And I've also never met one who wasn't overflowing with so much unconditional love, they were practically bursting at the seams trying unsuccessfully to keep it all in.

Dogs are just so pure and so wonderful and I truly don't understand what we as humans did to ever deserve having these beautiful, goofy, lovely creatures in our lives. But here we are.

In honor of our amazing four-legged friends, I've put together this super helpful list of all the most heartwarming tweets out there that truly hit home how pawsitively perfect dogs really are.

Making The Rounds

This sweet pup seized her opportunity to spread as much love throughout a train carriage as possible. And of course, she got plenty of love in return herself.

"I Swear I Can Fit"

This little fella just wants to get as close to his owner as possible after an entire day of being apart, and he's not about to let something like a wall stop him. Or maybe he is.

Harry Pupper

Twitter | @thepunningman

If you're having a bad day, or maybe you're just feeling a little blah, kindly take a look at this sweet, magical boy, and I promise all your worries will just disappear.

"Dog Love Is So Pure"

This sweet pupper wasn't about to let a leg injury stop her from getting excited about seeing her momma again.

Stay Still

The fact that this dog is not only sitting perfectly still for his caricature, but also seems genuinely interested in seeing what this artist is drawing, makes this tweet a 10/10.

Too Excited To Handle It

This girl was just so excited to get picked up, she dropped her leash from her mouth. But don't worry, she made sure to go back and pick it up again.

They Don't Cal Him "Lucky" For Nothing

Twitter | @jeanetto

Forget those mega-million prize packs; the real jackpot is getting to spend an afternoon giving this beautiful doggo all the love you have and then some.

Jumping For Joy

The excitement is almost too much for this little guy to handle. When he sees his owner after a long day away from each other, he leaps right up into his arms!

Goofball At The Mall

You can tell a lot just by looking at this silly doggo. For instance, he seems like the kind of pup who has no clue how big he is and considers himself a lap dog despite weighing probably somewhere in the 80-90 pound region. And we love him for that.

An Inconvenient Fence

Um, excuse me, but who put this giant gate here and can we we have it moved ASAP because this dog needs to see his owner now.


Personally, I don't think I would be as compelled to leave if I saw a dog making "mean faces", but maybe those other faces are way more mean than what we're seeing in this example.


My favorite part about this is the moment the dog realizes he's looking at his owner. You can feel the change, sense that shift in the air as curiosity turns to realization turns to excitement. It's beautiful.

Careless Driving

How can you expect this dog to pay any attention to the road when there are just so many smells that need to be sniffed?

Pictured: Pure Joy

Has it been just a few hours since he's last seen his owner or a few days? Or a few years? Who knows what time is really? All he knows is it's been way too long but now she's back!

Time For Reflection

This dog is clearly pondering some of life's greatest mysteries. Why are we here? What is the meaning of all of this? Do we really have a purpose in life? Is that a coyote I hear?

Everyone Loves A Shower Guest

Doesn't matter if you're leaving the house or if you're just leaving the room: your dog will always want to be with you. So hopefully you don't mind an audience while you wash your hair.

All He Needs Is Love

Dogs ask for so little in life. This good boy just wants some head pats and chin scratches. And I personally would be more than happy to give them to him.

Grandpa's Here!

I'm convinced this is true of all dogs. Haven't you ever noticed your pups are extra excited to see your dad? Those rare visits seem to make doggos go nuts. But to be fair, everyone loves when grandpa comes for a visit.

Movin' and groovin'.

This sweet beagle has a penchant for making music, and personally I'd love to see more of him and his little backup dancer.

Car ride to a better life.

After being rescued from what this Twitter user calls a "terrible situation", this sweet pup made his love for his rescuer known because clearly he knows he's safe now.

Pool day for the pups.

I think more splash pads and water parks should dedicate a day to letting local puppers swim and cool off. Not only is it good for the dogs, but it's also just such a wonderful sight.

How could you resist this guy?

When a journalist visiting a shelter for abandoned dogs discovered he'd become quite the source of comfort for one of the pups, he had absolutely no choice but to rescue that doggo and give him the life full of love that he deserves.

What an absolute stunner.

This fabulous dog is working that flower crown, and clearly she's never felt more beautiful. Just look at that smile. She knows exactly how gorgeous she is and she is ready for her closeup.

This handsome fella is feeling a little bashful.

Honestly, this is just so relatable because I too do this when someone compliments me. But I must say, his "awh shucks" face has mine beat by a landslide.

Have no fear!

Jessie is a hospital service dog who is trained to help lessen the younger patient's fears about various procedures. She'll happily demonstrate that something isn't so scary if it means easing a child's anxiety. And for that, she is a very good doggo.

Lonely no more.

This puppers has clearly taken a liking to the person who gave him a comfy office to sleep in. And now he wants to keep the good times going and make this a permanent napping situation.

The cutest lil' banana you ever did see.

Look at his little feet, his little face, those spots. Throw in a miniature banana costume and you've got the perfect recipe for one gosh darn adorable puppers.

This girl is very appreciative of her owner.

Just look at the way she smiles once she's gently laid her head into this woman's palm. She's so happy, so content, so precious.

Must be a very good show.

I didn't think my life was missing a picture of a theater full of dogs, intently watching a production from the comfort of their seats. But here we are.

He's so grateful that he just found his furever home.

Judging from the very obvious love being shared between this owner and his new dog, I think it's safe to say that puppers is going to a wonderful home. Which is exactly what he deserves.

Watermelon with a sweet surprise inside.

The joy this simple clip brings me is just indescribable. Look at how happy that little fella is to be part of such an adorable joke.

Trying to be inconspicuous.

Imagine if we all did this when we knew we were doing something wrong. Just pretend you're a mannequin and maybe no one will suspect anything's wrong. Genius, Tuna. Absolutely genius.


This sweet doggo just can't seem to stop wagging her tail. And look at that snoot and those eyes and I think I'm in love.

Catch Me!

This pup doesn't care how big he is or how little his dog momma is. When he sees her after an entire day apart, he's going to leap up into her arms and show her just how much he missed her. And she really doesn't seem to mind one bit.