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11+ Funny Pics To Laugh At Through The Best Of Times And The Worst Of Times

At the moment, it can seem like we're in the worst of times. The news may as well be a video of a pot of vodka burning away with some tater tots in it, while a recording plays of Elon Musk narrating a high-concept sci-fi he wrote when he was 5. However, it's not all bad! I mean, just think of — give me a second I'll have thought of something by the end I'm sure.

Anyway, here are 11+ funny pics to give you a good laugh during the best of times, and the worst of times! (I got one, Helen Mirren, she's good right? That's all I've got for now!)

What's In Here?

Reddit | WyldBlu

This is a real tale of trust and betrayal. And, as someone who went through school with a friend who used to try and put his finger in your mouth whenever you yawned, I feel the pain. Did everyone else have that friend or was it just me?

Don't Be Like Dick

Reddit | seemonkey10

Jesus, Dick, how big are those condoms you've bought? They'll go over your entire body!

"The most creative Green Lantern cosplay ever"

Reddit | DraftDraw

This single image is actually better than the 2011 film. And yes, I know that film has already gotten a bashing everywhere, but that doesn't excuse the fact that it is truly terrible.

"We decorated the truck for Halloween"

Reddit | dt_jenny

My one will read, "I died having a crash reading some smart alec Halloween decoration on the freeway!"

"When a 50+ yr old man takes a selfie way too close"

Reddit | finaldestan1

This cat looks like it is about to tell you that it has just been on a "lovely walk" and that it is "truly blessed!"


Reddit | BubblyRN

This is what the internet is all about: ridiculously specific, yet relatable and hilarious content that does absolutely nothing to move society forward.

All Aboard The Nightmare Train

Reddit | getyeetd

There's only one stop, and that stop is the stop none of us ever want to stop at.

"My girlfriends niece went to Chuck E. Cheese for the first time."

Reddit | yan_jwn

Those damn things have been terrifying people way before Five Nights At Freddie's, and they'll be terrifying people long after Five Nights At Freddie's!

Accident At The Egg Factory

Reddit | disordered_anarchist

I think that might be en-oeuf eggs if you ask me. At what point do you just turn the heaters way up and make it into one giant omelet?

100% No Pizza Guaranteed!


What if I love the experience of ordering fake pizza, but I also like to get and eat pizza as well? Is there perhaps a fake, fake pizza number I can call? One where I can get all the excitement of ordering my fake pizza but I actually receive my pizza?

That's Some Dank Sauce

Reddit | spinabomb

In fairness, Domino's should absolutely be advocating for the legalization of marijuana, imagine how many people would be getting stoned and ordering their pizzas 24 hours a day!

"My dog weirded out by another dog at the park"

Reddit | isthishandletaken

That dog on the right clearly wants nothing more than to go home and not be associated with this other dog. This is how it feels when I go out with my friends who've actually been going to the gym and I just stand there feeling ratty as hell and asking when we're going to get chicken nuggets.

Advertising 101

Reddit | omnafsk

If only me and my band had thought of being this clever. Then we wouldn't have spent all that money on a guy making us a poster for our first gig only for people to tell us that we looked "weird" on it. Never gonna live it down.

Sweet & Sassy?

Reddit | Ihaveweirddreams50

Well, thank God I no longer have to pour in Dr. Pepper when I'm making beans!

"Wut in congregation?"

Reddit | xFSUxBatman

Is there absolutely nothing else that they could think to write here? No piece of scripture, instead they wrote that and thought, "Nah, that's sound."

"I present to you, life, as depicted by a Walmart restroom"

Reddit | alegonz

The switch is there, you simply need to believe that it is there! Nah, just kidding, much like life the switch really isn't there and everything is pointless and a lie! Horray!

When personalization gets too personal.

Come on, ad guys, you have to know that nobody wants that much attention drawn to their unfortunate initials, no matter how fancy the handbag is.

"My buddy was stoked to finally meet Tony Hawk and this was the picture the person behind him took for him."

Reddit | Silverhold

Look on the bright side (hey-o), this could serve as an excellent opportunity to photoshop just about anyone's head in there. Presto photo with a legend!

The Girl With The Purrl Earring

Reddit | Greatdagan

Who doesn't enjoy dining out with the finer things in life? This cat-ficionado is a role model.

Winners gonna celebrate.

If you take home the title, you deserve to show it off, right? Gotta start doing this with my fantasy leagues, if I ever win.

Great, now I'm missing this person's dog, too.

Reddit | Schwifty234

And I've never even met this dog! Ugh. Dogs are the best.

When your toddler decides you've been in the bathroom too long.

Reddit | jonathan-gostelow

The good news that a scare like that should help move things along.

"This is some sound life advice"

Reddit | LadyJane17

It's true, paramedics and ER attendants have the best stories. Nobody wants to be one of them!

"Sometimes I do things that only confirm: I am an idiot."

Reddit | Sunshiny_Day

The other end of that is that you're really only an idiot if you don't learn something from this. But still, you do have to kind of stand back and marvel at it, don't you?

I Don't Think They Thought This Through

Reddit | ImonSimon

I mean, surely you should try and keep Uranus clean too right? In every sense that you can.

Is that even legal?

Reddit | TeisTom

There's punishment and then there's punishment. Two wrongs don't make a right!

"I broke the toilet seat. This is how I broke it to my wife . . ."

Reddit | boogerknows

Well that's creative and clever and...wait, how do you break a toilet seat like that?

"In the PNW, Fall came in real hot."

Reddit | insolentjuice

And then it didn't so much pump the brakes as it panic-slammed them. You could easily mistake the sound of sweaters zipping up for sirens.

It me.

Reddit | Cyberfox14

One day he'll know about things like mortgages and insurance and divorce lawyers. Life is coming for you, little guy. It's coming.

"My sister put eyes on the snow drift on her porch in Montana."

Reddit | Europa13

September snow isn't just misery, it's also an opportunity. And then you get to shovel it.

"The Dutch police arrested man and his bird for a burglary. Due to not having a cage the police put the bird in jail, on water and bread. Local news media put a black bar on his face"

Instagram | @politieutrechtcentrum

This all happened. It's not even a joke.

We all benefit from Aaron's mistakes.

Reddit | SheldonPlankton

I hope Aaron didn't get sacked over this. It's an innocent error, victimless, I assume, unless someone made themselves ill drinking too much cheap blue Gatorade.

"I'm only assuming this poor child was told, 'Wait, I'll only be two minutes'"

Reddit | ArtsyTeacher

This is how I used to feel when I was a kid and I'd go shopping for a new school uniform with my mum and she says, "We'll only be in there a sec." Lies, complete lies.

"Our friend left his car with us to watch while he went to Florida (We live in Ohio). He kept sending us beach pics, so we sent him a picture of his car buried in snow (after we buried it)."

Reddit | Lil_Spudz

As someone who lives in a snow-belt, I deem the pettiness level on display here thoroughly appropriate.

"My brother put a chopping board under the pizza to catch the stuff it drops"

Reddit | ThinkingEmojiTime

We would also accept, "When you're too smart for your own good."

"Played at TopGolf for the first time yesterday. This is what I found when I got to my car"

Reddit | Jb9723

Well, I guess this person won't be parking in that spot again if they ever go back to TopGolf. Pretty impressive though. That's a million-to-one shot.

"Mailbox damaged - Found this note"

Reddit | BiggestSur

This is the fourth time that this has happened this month to that mailbox, that squirrel is actually a criminal mastermind.

I really didn't want to laugh.

Reddit | Eitan_yeetus

But holy smokes, not only how did they do it, but how did the delivery guy think it was okay to drop this travesty off?

"Tall people's struggles"

Reddit | beaverkc

But then, would you rather take around a hand mirror for these situations, or a step ladder if you're too short to see much over the counter top?