14+ Movie Scenes That Went Horribly Wrong For Actors

I know that being a Hollywood actor seems like a glamorous lifestyle, but it's not without a little blood, sweat, and tears.

Filming movies can be a dangerous business. You can take as many precautions as possible, but accidents still happen from time to time — just ask these stars.

1. Throwing it back to 1939, there were quite a few incidents that went down on the set of 'The Wizard of Oz.'

Warner Bros Wiki | Warner Bros Wiki

One of the most notable accidents occurred when Margaret Hamilton (The Wicked Witch of the West) suffered second- and third-degree burns.

The incident occurred during the second take of Margaret exiting Munchkinland. 

Real Clear | Real Clear

She had to recover in hospital and then at home for six weeks before she could return to the set.

After the accident, she refused to work with fire for the remainder of the movie, understandably.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio's wounded hand while shooting 'Django Unchained' is a fairly popular on-set accident that we have to mention because it's that iconic.

YouTube | John Maverick

His hand smashed a glass during an intense scene, and instead of stopping, he continued to finish the take with blood running down his hand.

3. Isla Fisher had a close call while filming 'Now You See Me'.

Catch Play | Catch Play

There's a scene where her character tries to escape from a tank of water and bangs on the walls of that tank.

The problem is that when she became stuck in real life, she tried banging on the walls for help, but the crew thought it was part of the scene. Eventually, she was able to untangle and free herself!

4. Tom Cruise explained what went down after breaking his ankle while filming a stunt for 'Mission: Impossible — Fallout.'

“I knew instantly my ankle was broken and I really didn’t want to do it again so just got up and carried on with the take.

"I said, ‘It’s broken. That’s a wrap. Take me to hospital’ and then everyone got on the phone and made their vacation arrangement," he explained in an interview on The Graham Norton Show.

5. Filming 'Titanic' wasn't without some shipwrecks of its own.

YouTube | MovieMinutesTime

Apparently, several of the cast members who had to spend hours in cold water came down with colds, the flu, and even kidney infections — Kate Winslet being one of them.

6. Dylan O'Brien was injured while filming a scene for 'Maze Runner: The Death Cure.'

YouTube | 20th Century Fox

He was harnessed on top of a moving vehicle, but was accidentally pulled off of it and hit by another vehicle.

He suffered a concussion, facial fracture, and lacerations that were deemed serious and required a lengthy amount of time to recover.

7. Channing Tatum went a little too hard while filming 'Foxcatcher.'

Digital Journal | Digital Journal

He smashed through a plastic-covered mirror and shattered it — going all the way through to the drywall behind the mirror and leaving a dent.

The whole incident becomes a lot more dramatic when you learn that he did all this with his head. And yes, there was a lot of blood.

8. It's no surprise that earplugs would be a necessity while filming 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day.'

Business Insider | Business Insider

Unfortunately, Linda Hamilton forgot to wear hers while filming a scene inside an elevator.

When she fired a gun, the noise was so loud that she suffered from permanent hearing damage.

9. George Clooney is still suffering after an on-set injury that occurred while filming 'Syriana.'

HDNET Movies | HDNET Movies

After a stunt went wrong, he learned that he had a "two-and-a-half-inch rip in the middle of his back, a half-inch tear in his neck and was leaking spinal fluid to the point where it was coming out of his nose."

To this day, he still suffers from chronic pain caused by the accident.

10. Harrison Ford seems to always be getting injured, and filming 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' was no exception.  

YouTube | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

"They closed a [expletive] door on me!" He exclaimed. Then he used a Han Solo doll to recreate what happened, explaining that they dislocated his ankle.

He added that it was J.J. Abrams himself who closed the door on his leg, which does make for a good story.

11. Even the lovely Tom Hanks isn't immune to injury.

YouTube | CinemaSins

While filming Cast Away, Tom cut his leg. While he was flying home, he noticed that his leg was really hurting. He eventually went to the doctor, where it turns out he had a staph infection and was close to having blood poisoning.

“The doctor said to me ‘What’s the matter with you, you idiot? You could have died from this thing!'" Tom explained.

12. Halle Berry is no stranger to on-set accidents.

She broke her foot while working on Cloud Atlas and her arm during Gothika.

She even suffered head injuries while filming The Hive and Catwoman. Someone get this woman some bubble wrap!

13. Nicole Kidman had an 18-inch waist during 'Moulin Rouge,' but it came at a price.

YouTube | Movieclips

“I hurt myself dancing in heels at three in the morning and I fell downstairs” she said. “I then re-broke my rib getting into a corset," she explained. Ouch!

14. Brad Pitt says that "in a bout of stupid irony," he tweaked his Achilles' tendon while filming 'Troy.'


It caused filming to halt for 10 weeks while he recovered.

At least he can appreciate how ironic it was!

15. He was also injured while filming 'Se7en.'

Mental Floss | Mental Floss

He apparently slipped during a chase scene and his arm went through a windshield, severing a tendon.

He ended up with a cast, which was then well-hidden in other scenes.

16. Ruby Rose was injured on the set of 'Batwoman.'

Instagram | @rubyrose

You say: "That's not a movie."

I say: "Yeah, but shhh."

She suffered from a herniated disc doing two stunts on the set of Batwoman. It came close to severing her spinal cord.

17. There was nothing funny about Justin Theroux's injury on a comedy film set.


While filming The Spy Who Dumped Me, he had an accident while driving a scooter during a scene. He drove into a road that hadn't been cleared for filming.

"So I grab both brakes, skidded out and kinda went flying off the bike and landed on my head. Broke my head open."

18. Jeremy Renner broke BOTH of his arms.

Instagram | @renner4real

It happened while filming a stunt for the film Tag. (I know, I also thought it would have been for an Avengers movie.)

He was meant to fall off a stack of chairs. He landed on his arms and broke them both.

19. "Quantico" gave Priyanka Chopra one hell of an injury.

"I wasn’t warned of the conditions that were outside before we went and me and my colleague, both of us fell and we were both rushed to the ER," she said.

She had a concussion, and was on bed rest for three days.

20. Ike Barinholtz feared for his life after his accident.


"We knew something was wrong right away," he said of his broken neck. "It was scary and was touch and go for a while."

When he went back to shoot the final season of The Mindy Project, they just wrote the injury right into the show.

21. The flawless Charlize had a major accident during "Æon Flux."

Much like Ruby Rose, Charlize also herniated a disc near her spine.

"That injury scared me – I was almost paralyzed," she said.

Luckily, she recovered and is back to kicking ass.

22. Édgar Ramírez got caught in a frickin' avalanche.

The Playlist

This happened on the set of the film Gold.

"And then we realized that something was coming down on us and then we had to jump out of the cabin. I landed on a goat."

The goat made it, don't worry.

23. A horse once had a conflict with Johnny Depp.

YouTube | ABC News

While filming The Lone Ranger, Johnny was thrown from his horse and almost trampled.

The entire moment was caught on film. That's him dangling off of the side of the horse, about to hit the ground.

24. The Lady Sif suffered multiple injuries while defending Asgard.

Jaimie Alexander barely made it out of Thor: The Dark World intact.

"I herniated a disk in my thoracic spine, I dislocated my left shoulder, I tore my right rhomboid, and chipped 11 of my vertebrae," she said.

She was injured after falling from a great height.

25. Jim Caviezel was literally electrocuted while playing Jesus.


During filming of The Passion of the Christ, Jim Caviezel got hit by lightning.

"I knew it was going to hit me about four seconds before it happened. I thought, ‘I’m going to get hit.’ And when it happened, I saw the extras grab the ground."

26. "The Hunger Games" seriously messed with Jennifer Lawrence's hearing.

"I went deaf in one ear for months… But that wasn’t actually physically challenging," she said. "It was just ear-challenging because I got all of these ear infections from the diving and the water and all of that stuff."

Apparently, a jet of water punctured her eardrum.

27. A mirror scene went horribly wrong for Jake Gyllenhaal

Digital Spy

In the film Nightcrawler, Gyllenhaal's character is meant to punch a mirror. Though it wasn't meant to smash, the mirror shattered and sliced up his hand.

He was taken to the ER. They kept the take with his real smashing in the film.

28. Cary Elwes accidentally asked for his own concussion.

Digital Spy

Cary Elwes wasn't satisfied with the gentleness with which Christopher Guest was tapping him on the head with his very real sword. So, he asked for one last take with a harder tap.

He was knocked out immediately. He got a concussion for his trouble, and the take made it into the movie.

29. Running in heels didn't work out for Daryl Hannah.

Digital Spy

Though, does that work for anyone?

In the scene from Blade Runner, she runs over rain-soaked ground and crashes into a car. In reality, her elbow went through the car's glass, and both it and her elbow shattered.