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20 Lucky Devils Who Got Their Wishes

Whenever we hear of somebody finding a big bag of cash only to turn it in to the police, it's hard not to wonder why we can't have more luck than we have honesty.

Sure, a close call that was almost a fast trip down the stairs might remind us that we're not entirely unlucky, but it still feels like we have more bad luck than good.

And if that's true, then it's probably for the best that we weren't around to see how these folks had to pay for their good fortune.

I doubt the people in the background feel all that lucky, but the photographer just struck gold.

Reddit | Letibleu

Not only did they catch an awesome photo, but they've also got incontrovertible evidence that this man doesn't give a crap.

He's staring right at it and no reaction. Dang...

We can put this man's impressive catch down to skill, but luck made sure he wasn't looking in the same direction as his friends.

Reddit | fawnshox

Luck is the reason he can just whistle and claim he didn't see the hot dog fall and totally didn't eat it.

3. Haha, a lot had to go right for this punster to make their glorious mark.


Someone had to wear this and someone else had to post it on the internet, but yet another person had to set them up this perfectly.

The stars aligned, I guess.

Since we're not witnessing a mighty soda waterfall, I can only assume this person has a rabbit's foot on their key chain.

Reddit | HyperActive1DUK

They're probably gonna hit every green light on the way, too. People don't have this much confidence in their luck without a reason.

Honestly, I think they both lucked out on this one.

Twitter | @makeesomenoyes

I mean, it's obviously handy that he tried to find her when she was literally right next to him, but imagine trying to give somebody directions to their girlfriend when they're this drunk?

We imagine it because she doesn't have to.

7. Yeah, my luck would have it so the dog wouldn't be the same size as this nook. I guarantee it.

Instagram | @girlsthinkimfunny

It's like this person bought the car just so they could do this as snugly as possible.

It throws the salesperson off, too.

This person may not seem all that lucky, but they will be for as long as they can stay on this truck.

Reddit | docm3194

Even if they fall, they've definitely got a four-leaf clover in their pocket if they somehow land on that mattress.

Yeah, not for me, thanks.

It's a small thing, but let's not pretend it doesn't brighten our whole day when someone messes up and gives us an extra one.

Reddit | Nexaz

You can't tell me that the 16th pizza roll or the 11th McNugget doesn't taste the best.

And yes, I count them. Always.

10. OK, so this guy may not be that lucky if nobody gave him a blanket. Still, that has to be the most comfortable-looking curtain I've ever seen.


The people who had to stretch their sweaters out over their knees would take this option in a heartbeat.

11. You know, this is probably the only time that a sign could fall apart like this and actually help the advertiser.

Instagram | @x__antisocial_butterfly__x

After all, the best way to screw up is to actually convince people that you did it on purpose. And they definitely didn't...right?

Whoever has to make this shot probably doesn't feel lucky, but their opponent certainly does.

Reddit | Archelilius

I don't know, maybe I'm just biased because the only way I'm ever winning at pool is if something like this happens to someone who actually knows what they're doing.

I knew there was a reason I always treat this number as a good omen.

Reddit | DylanCW314

I'm not sure how this woman was able to convince Officer 69 not to make her pay anything, but maybe he does that for anyone who says "nice" when he reveals that this is his number.

I'm not sure how lucky it is to get licked by a giraffe, but it's probably not as lucky as this photographer feels.

Reddit | airbrat

Giraffes aren't known to do many things quickly, but it definitely seems like it took some careful timing to capture it in mid-lick like this.

By a similar token, there's almost no reason to consider yourself lucky when a gross bug gets in your toothbrush.

Reddit | Unusual_Request

However, "almost" is a very important word here. It turns out that it's very easy to feel lucky if you spot this _right before you start brushing.


There was a time when this big ol' bird would've had the worst nap possible in this tank.

Reddit | valentinoCode

However, that time was decades ago, so it can nestle in the gun to its hearts content without any disturbances.

Uh-oh, I'm not sure these lads will be able to keep their luck if they keep pushing it like this.

Reddit | AdamMcC1572

If that's their car, these rebels with no chill are disobeying this sign in so many different, colorful ways. Some police officer is snapping their fingers in frustration right now.

Doggo doesn't seem particularly interested in the religion it's now at the center of.

Reddit | northead

And so, the photographer should definitely count themselves lucky that it stayed still long enough to let them get this shot.

I mean, does that seem like a comfortable position?

Let's just say that everyone's lucky in this case.

Reddit | -rico

After all, that camouflaged cat would probably enjoy getting stepped on as much as the photographer would enjoy the flurry of claws that came immediately after.

Everything just happened to sync up perfectly for this display of unusual curiosity.

Reddit | thanaldavis

This may seem like a perfectly ordinary lamp, but it was somehow special enough to catch the attention of everyone in this room and even a couple of folks who weren't.

I can't imagine how perfectly one would have to time this photo to capture this reaction so clearly.

Reddit | laurafurby

It's impressive even if they drew the bird's attention with the shutter click before taking another one, but it's absurdly lucky if the bird just happened to be looking at them when they took the shot.

Whoever's doing this must be really good friends with the owner of this bowling alley.

Reddit | tnaoLiZARD

Granted, I suppose I don't know that I'd get kicked out of one for trying this, but I'm not one to push my luck and try it at a place that I have any intention of ever visiting again.

There is only that way that this situation could be considered even remotely lucky.

Reddit | VirtualityReal

And that's if the water heater crashed through the ceiling onto a space that the uploader had just finishing moving away from.

Since they seemed a lot more relieved than angry, it's a safe bet that that's exactly what happened.

26. I don't know that this bride wanted this, but how special can a day really be without a nap?

Instagram | @girlsthinkimfunny

A trip to Italy made me so excited that I absolutely couldn't sleep the night before, so I'll probably envy this lady if I tie the knot.

Yeah, it would be a lot more tempting to actually eat this mysterious gift from nature if somebody didn't already bite it.

Reddit | mrcoldpiece

Although, the fact that the cat didn't have somebody who's as hungry as they are angry following behind it is a victory.

I'm not saying this cop will let her off with a warning, but I'd find it pretty encouraging if I were her.

Twitter | @martagouldd

I'm no expert, but I think there's some overlap between a mood that makes you write tickets and one that makes you camera shy.

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